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Month: February 2018

Pastor Paul Bunkowske – 2/23/40 – 2/25/18 R+I+P

We began this blog several years ago to keep track of the partnerships, the crossing of paths and the connections we have up here in the North Dakota District and the Minnesota North District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. I’ve always been intrigued as to how many of our pastors served in both districts over the years.  Call Bunkowske was one of the first men I met when I came into the district in 1978. He was one of the quiet steady ones that was always there, He was at every conference,  he was not wanting to put himself forward, he was a quiet man who would offer advice when asked but basically just a steading presence who exhibited a kind of wisdom about the pastoral ministry.  The only quotable quote I can remember from Pastor Bunkowske is going to sound like a slam or a put down but it really wasn’t.  One of the young up-and-coming was a pastor who recently came to North Dakota and he was pontificating upon some subject and I believe was trying to pass some kind of a resolution. The young man asked the question of the body,  “is there anyone who has some suggestions?” To which Pastor Bunkowsk replied “yes maybe we should just take some time and listen not only to the people in this room but to the laypeople...

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Advertising the Advertising – Popple Ridge Pickers are Coming

So here is an advertisement for an advertisement.  There are two Popple Ridge Pickers signs out and about in the country side.  The concert will be as you can see, on March 4th at 4pm.  We scheduled this concert of blue grass and praise songs back in January and the weather made us cancel.  Come and join us on March the 4th for an fun time in support of Project 24, the chosen project of the worshippers at the All Faith’s Chapel Sunday services.           Share this on:...

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Corporate Conscience, Responsibility and Delta Frequent Flyer Miles

I have been flying on Delta since, well, before it was Delta.  My first flight was on the old Northwest Airlines, (it might have been Western – I got champagne) from Minneapolis to Denver.  I remember wearing a suit and a tie walking into the airport and going right to the gate.  I do not believe there was any security check.  Everyone got a meal during the flight.  It was an experience in class and I would even say a certain amount of dignity.  I don’t remember any cargo shorts or back packs.  Suits and ties and (gasp) dresses. Of course no one wants to hear the “back in my day” speeches but it is illustrative of the times that no one wants to listen.  You were treated like a king back in the day and not a malleable piece of meat jammed into a sausage jacket and crammed into a seat.  Corporate decisions had to be made of course to make travel affordable.  A mom and dad with 4 screaming children has as much “right” to fly as the rest of us.  Get the masses mobile but take away the meal service.  I remember reading that when the meals were available to all, the airline figured out that taking the tomato out of the salad saved 3 million dollars a year.  Pretty soon the salad disappeared and one...

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Luther “On Temporal Authority. To What Extent It Should be Obeyed”.

Luther wrote this in 1523.  He had some issues with temporal authority at that time as you can imagine.  They wanted to kill him and if not at least shut him up.  Civil and religious authorities were the same.  There really was no separation of church and state.  It is an interesting read and this is just the beginning.  The concept of God making our rulers mad is fascinating.  I have just been studying Psalm 2.  Why do the nations rage?  The picture is of a seething beehive of anti-God activity that bangs it’s head against the will of God and eventually destroys itself. “God the Almighty has made our rulers mad; they actually think they can do—and order their subjects to do—whatever they please. And the subjects make the mistake of believing that they, in turn, are bound to obey their rulers in everything. It has gone so far that the rulers have begun ordering the people to get rid of certain books, and to believe and conform to what the rulers prescribe. They are thereby presumptuously setting themselves in God’s place, lording it over men’s consciences and faith, and schooling the Holy Spirit according to their own crackbrained ideas. Nevertheless, they let it be known that they are not to be contradicted, and are to be called gracious lords all the same. Because the raging of such...

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It is not a good idea to give an inch to someone who wants a pound of flesh. When speaking to idiots “tongue in cheek” you might begin to misunderstand what you yourself are saying. I always kept a journal when I traveled because folks told me that what I would remember happening probably didn’t and what I forgot was probably the truth.  The problem is I can’t read my writing.  That is how contemporaneous gets to be extemporaneous. I have tried to practice disambiguation all of my life.  It is not clear yet if I have succeeded. I gave up on math as a young child when I was told I had three apples and if I multiplied them by 0 I had no apples at all.  That bit of legerdemain soured me on nullities.  That is why I’m not crazy about congress. Some times a person has so many things to say in so little time that multiple insights into what goes on in a jangled mind are evident.  A recent news commentator was talking of congress and the work going on there and he was trying to talk about Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.  What came out was a discussion of Marco Polio. English is weird.  Look what happens when you exchange a b for a c.  Boughs, pronounced like cow, are tree branches -coughs, pronounced like lofts, are noises from the throat with...

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