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Author: Rev. Bernie Seter

Quo Vadis Minnesota?

We started this blog because of the close connection we have with Minnesota North District of the LCMS and the crossing and recrossings of our life together.  I always thought that the connections break when we get to politics...

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Words, Words and More Words

I have been more and more fascinated with Greek suffixes lately for a variety of reasons that are not important to explain right now but it is a fun study.  We use Greek suffixes constantly and probably don’t even know it....

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Identity Politics Then and Now

Another great argument going on today.  Esquire magazine has a cover and an article about growing up a young white boy/young man in the USA when the left seems determined that white men and boys are toxic.  Old white Senators...

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Curmudgeons and the Green New Deal

  I don’t usually do this but I saw this on face book and had to pass it along.. Forgive the language at the end but curmudgeons sometimes have to vent.  This brought back old memories of me changing my brothers...

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Project 24 Progress and Forum

State of Project 24 Forum Project 24/Christ’s Care for Children-Kenya (CCC-K) is a church operated school-based boarding facility program for vulnerable children in Kenya, planting Gospel seeds through mercy and human care to...

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