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Author: Rev. Bernie Seter

Rev. Al Henderson R+I+P

We have all kinds of evidence that we don’t live in a safe garden as Luther used to say,  Everyday we get up get our coffee and go out into the world not knowing what is going to happen.  Accidents, sudden death,...

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The Reoccuring Monster

I have been thinking about this magical mystery tour, or magical mystical tour that involves the Christian church even today because we are surrounded by the occult even today.  We act so scientific and “modern”.  If...

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You Cannot Make This Stuff Up.

Everyone knows that sections of our society are highly self congratulatory.  They have awards shows to tell everyone how wonderful they are.  They make little statutes to give each other to make sure that other people see the...

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Words of Wisdom

  I have been interested in the weirdness that is all around us, and we like frogs in a kettle, slowly getting boiled, don’t even notice.  For those of us who think about mercy and mission work in the world, the...

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Anti-Semitism and Rosh Hoshanna

It is year 5779 according to the Jewish calendar and today is the New Year of the Jewish calendar. The word is that Anti-Semitism is on the rise.  We have about 400 Jewish residents in North Dakota and last year four incidents...

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