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Author: Rev. Bernie Seter

Brink of New Year

Standing on the brink of a new year desperately trying to get this one as far behind us as possible, the weighing of relative merits and demerits of the past is incumbent on thinking folks.  It is good to think about the Lord...

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A World of Snirt

  You don’t have to talk to people very long before the list of grievances over “2020” horrors can be aired as well as inconveniences and just plain craziness. By any measure there has been an upheaval at just about every...

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  This is  the Sunday when we meet Simeon and Anna. The two old people hanging around the temple when they greet Mary and Joseph and say wonderful things about the Christ child. I always wondered about Lukes need to tell us...

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The Word is God

  I have been yammering about this for awhile in the approach to Christmas.  Here Alton Wedel said it nice.y   In many and various ways God spoke of old to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days He has...

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The Transformed Church part 2

It was in one of these that we put our manger scene.  It was glass encased down the floor.   We heard the Pastor say as he had said so many times before that God was with us as Father Son and Holy Spirit and we responded...

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