We can get into trouble when we talk about socialism always producing dictators.  When you say that you identify yourself as a de facto conservative which is a bad word in this culture and you betray the fact that you might study history which is also a position on the outside of the so called main stream today.  Dictators are born, not created.  All humanity from the Fall of our first parents want to be in charge of their own lives and eventually everyone else’s life to.  Wanting to serve others rather than control them can only come from the Gospel and the salvation won by Christ so that we can be free to serve.

There is a fascinating little piece of video that came out the other day of the new socialist darling claiming that she is the boss.  I think the context is over the criticism of the green new deal.  She basically says that “until you try, until you do it, I am the boss”.  That can be written off as political palaver but the sure give away of a nascent dictator is the finger.  That fickle finger of fate, that bony phalange that has to be constantly pointing at something or somebody.  It is constantly in motion like a symphony directors baton which in many ways it is.  It has to orchestrate the mob and keep them on the same page and playing the same old song.  Watch Bernie and watch the finger.  Ocasio Cortez, watch the finger.  Elizabeth Warren watch the finger.  Maxine Waters, and so many others, watch the finger.  It is amazing.

They point the finger and eventually they give you the finger. Just saying……

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