Eschatology is the study of the Last Things or the end of days.  Luther was accused of not having a well developed eshcatology, and the reason is because he saw the Gospel as a whole and salvation as a whole.  In baptism we died and rose again to a new life and so our life right now is eternal life.  We have all we need for life in this world and life in the world to come.  The final victory is assured and so we can be merciful, content and confidant people now in this world.  Luther wrote – “It is one and the same kingdom, the kingdom of faith and the kingdom of the future glory. But nevertheless it happens in this manner and is distinguished: that which is here in the realm of faith offered to us in the Word and which we receive and grasp through faith, the same will be presented to us there in the revelation. Thus St. Peter says, I Peter 1, that such a gospel will be proclaimed to us, ‘which things the angels desire to look into.’ Therefore it is the same kingdom without there being a difference in knowledge. Now we hear it in the Word; there we shall have the vision itself. Now we believe and hope for it with all Christians on earth; there we will possess it with all the holy angels and chosen of God in heaven.”