cakeI don’t care much for cake but I like this picture that Luther paints of one cake or one loaf with Christ.


Saint Paul said, “we are all one bread and one drink, for we all participate in one bread and drink.” Likewise in the same passage he says, “Is it not so that the bread which we break is the distribution or participation of the body of Christ? And the cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the participation of the blood of Christ?” These words should be in full use and well-known in Christendom, since so much depends upon them.

When we eat the bread, he says, we all have one food. You have that which I have, and it makes no difference that you are man or woman. In that which we all have in common in the Sacrament, we all receive what Christ has and is. When I believe that His body and blood are mine, I have the Lord Christ whole and complete. Thus He makes my heart joyous and confident since I leave nothing to my own piety, but depend upon the innocent blood and the pure body that I receive there.  Now what does Christ have and what does He bring about?  His body and blood are without sin, full of grace—yes, the corporal dwelling of the divine majesty. In short, everything God has is Christ’s. The benefits here become altogether mine, and because of this I have a sign and seal, or assurance, that such great and unspeakable benefits are mine when I receive the flesh and blood of Christ. Therefore in the Sacrament no sin is removed because

of my work, as the poor, stupid people have been deluded. Sin is removed there because I truly believe that the body and blood are given for me. Therefore I am certain and sure that Christ graciously gives me all good things that He has, and all His strength and power. Thus He gives His wisdom, truth and godliness, and takes away all my sins. His eternal life gobbles up death for me. Through His strength and power I defeat the devil. In the sacrament then a Christian man becomes an heir of eternal life and of all good things and an heir over all things, for which he can do nothing himself.  Such great benefits you cannot obtain by means of any work, though you conducted a thousand masses every day. Christ is such a high person, who gives Himself for you, that it is impossible that sin, death, hell and devil can remain for Him. Much less could you suppress the high majesty. Where His flesh and blood are, there He will certainly have one eye open, and not let that flesh and blood be trampled underfoot. Therefore since you have His flesh and blood, thus you have all the power which God Himself has. That is, we become one cake with the Lord Christ; we walk in the fellowship of His benefits and He in the fellowship of our misfortune. For here are thrown together His godliness and my sin,


weakness and His strength, and thus all is held in common. What is mine becomes His. What is His, I also have. This is a high unspeakable grace, over which the heart must become joyous and courageous.

Now if you are one cake with Christ, what more do you want?