IC chapelThis is a picture of the International Center of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Chapel in St. Louis MO.  Everyday chapel services are held there and I have to confess that there was a time that I coveted a chance to preach there.  I have preached there several times since that desire first surfaced in my head and I have to say that I enjoyed all the experiences, the preaching and chanting the Matins service.  Was it a sin to covet a chance to preach there?

Well coveting is covered by two commandments so obviously it is a big deal.  Paul says in Romans 14,  “For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.”  I wanted to preach at the chapel because I wanted to preach Christ and him crucified, there, at that venue.  I coveted the opportunity to shout the Good News in that place.  Was there a sinful notion of pride there? – probably.  For that I repent.

My point I hope is simple.  I can never unravel all of the motives, reasons, desires and issues that cause me to do or not to do many things.  If what I desire is grounded in faith in Christ then I need to do it.  Will even that act be tainted with sin? – probably – actually more than likely.  Yet my life is hidden with Christ in God and I live in that Grace.

Yesterday I sent out a request that I “coveted” prayers for a contributor to this Blog – Bill Sharpe,  and I received a notice back that prayers would ascend for Bill at the IC chapel service yesterday.  Bill was undergoing surgery or so I thought.  So should I have tried to analyze my motives and reasons and desires and weeded out the sinful desires?  Rather than be paralyzed by my desire to analyze I recall the words of Luther – what moves us to pray?  God’s command and promise; our own and our neighbors great need, and gratitude for benefits received.

By the will Bill’s Dr. had an emergency and rescheduled Bill for this morning  – I covet your prayers.