Bev Schmidt


Something the people of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church know about long-time member, Bev Schmidt, is that she has a hobby with a mission.

Schmidt, who turns 80 in December, goes to garage sales every year from April through October on the hunt for new or nearly-new items that can be cleaned and scrubbed up until they shine like new. She’s done this for many, many years, ac-cording to fellow parishioner Edie Johnson.

“She’s meticulous, scrubbing and clean-ing nearly new shoes and items to make them look just like new,” Johnson said.

And she doesn’t do all this work for her-self—she does it to help those in need served by the Orphan Grain Train.

This was a part of the tribute for Bev from the LWML Messenger.  I remember Bev being always interested in the way that the LWML serves the “mission” and her generosity with Project 24.  She was one of those who understood the problems of the mission field and the difficulties encountered by our partners but she always encouraged me to never give up.  She passed away on December the 4th and she will be missed.  Her funeral is December 11 at 10;30 am at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Devils Lake ND.