After all the silly things of the weekend, it is time we got some interesting news bits that we can sink our teeth into.  Worries about chunks of clothing falling off of the Super Bowl half time entertainment didn’t materialize, but questions about what entertainment really is have.  The existential threat of Bernie Sanders talking about a caucus victory as if it were a victory is in the news.  I never heard anyone telling the Super Bowl winners that they can’t talk about it because it might influence other things like t-shirt sales.  Evidently if Bernie wins or seems to be winning he can’t talk about it before everything is over or he might be accused of election tampering.  Since he “honey mooned” in the old Soviet Union this might really be an example of Russian interference.  The definition of election interference is being stretched and pulled in every direction.  Meanwhile onto something truly interesting, there is a patch available for peanut allergy which is not a cure but a progressive treatment.  Politicians in Iowa should pick up on this because the patch once released will cost about $3000 a month for the treatments.  So parents have to make the decision if they want to spend that money every month so their kid can eat PB and J’s.  Iowa politicians should promise that the government will pay for it.  It isn’t fair that parents should pay for a treatment that would allow their kids to eat peanut butter sandwiches and then not be able to afford the bread.  There was also a commercial about the resurrection of Mr. Peanut who had died in an accident that should be able to fit into this bit, but now I am bored with it.

Also in the news is that JZ was seen sitting during the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.  Normally, I would frown on such behavior but at the same time I have always been frustrated at the sporting events that I have attended where I purchased a “seat” for almost as much as a peanut patch and never got to sit down.  Everyone who purchased seats stood through the whole thing so I had too as well.  I don’t know who JZ is but I might cut him some slack on this one.

The really cool story is the date of the Super Bowl is a ubiquitous palindrome.  02/02/2020.  This hasn’t happened in 900 years.  Interestingly it matters not what style of dating you use, month/day/year, or day/month/year.  Last time it happened was 11/11/1111 which was along time ago and the next time is March3, 3030.  We learn this from University of Portland professor Aziz Inan.  Nice to know there are people studying things that really matter.