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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Wedding Stuff part 2

These are not the plates that I am talking about but you get the point. Some of the wedding stuff that I remember being used was a set of plates that commemorated mom and dad’s wedding, which were to me at least, a little...

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Logistics and Weddings

  Back in the day before wedding planners, there were moms and aunts and preachers.  The preacher arranged the rehearsal and the wedding.  He chose the readings and the sermon text.  Moms and aunts worked on the dinners and...

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The Most Popular Day For a Wedding

My Niece the Bride The wedding of my niece is October 19 on the beach in North Carolina.  Rehearsal was last night and nice.  Air travel was insane and ridiculous. But that is another story.  Sitting here going over stuff and my...

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Wedding Stuff

  We’re packing up and getting ready to leave for a wedding which I’ll probably be talking about later in the week. In the meantime my mother and I were talking as we were making preparations and she brought up some...

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On Rereading Stuff

I used to have all kinds of books that I reread every year.  C.S Forester’s books with Horatio Hornblower, and Forester’s tremendous WWII naval story called the “Good Shepherd”  It is a story of a...

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The 10 Lepers and Faith

Martin Luther in his Church Postils sermonized about the 10 Lepers in Luke 17:11-19.  It seems to be a pretty straightforward text dealing with the Lepers faith and Christ’s love.  IN the midst of the Reformation however...

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Amber Leigh Redmann R+I+P

We had the funeral service for Amber on Monday October 7.  She was 36.  I baptized and confirmed her and officiated at her wedding.  I said all I had to say at her funeral but there are fascinating details that I can’t get...

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Argula – It’s Not a Vegetable

  I haven’t written a book report since my teens but here I go. In the atmosphere in which we live there is not a lot of room for gracious talk and the delightful turn of phrase. Words are blunt instruments and the world...

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Of Course This Makes Sense

Tara Isabella Burton wrote an article  about what happened at Union Seminary the other day.  “Today in chapel,” the seminary’s official Twitter account revealed, “we confessed to plants. Together, we held our grief, joy, regret,...

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Corrections on Pastor Henderson

Recieved a lot of comments on Pastor Henderson.  I gave some fale information.  He was born in Clarion and buried at Boone IA. His Minnesota  connection is a daughter living there. I apologize for the mistakes but the the...

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Jonah Commemorated

  It almost passed me by.  The Sunday before last was the commemoration of Jonah.  I tend to think of Jonah as a joke if I think about him at all but the assessment needs evaluation.  One of the great exaltations of God in...

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