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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


The More Things Change….

The Big Change,” an article in Lutheran Education Vo1.93 (February 1957), shows what vast changes had come over the world in the previous 15 years: “8,000 more people a day in the United States; growth in our church...

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Thank You Minnesota North

The Minnesota North District LWML selected Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya as one of their Mission Grant projects for 2018-2020 in the amount of $10,800. Thanks be to God!       Share this on:...

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I Got to Call Him Dad.

  Born in an Oak Savannah forest overlooking a treeless prairie, he picked choke, saskatoon, and pembina, but his favorite was June berry. He taught me about wild asparagus, and horseradish and onion and currant and how his...

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Celebrity Political Action

Just recently a celebrity and movie star stood up at one of the endless parade of award shows where actors give them selves pats on the back and get to dress up and stand in front of cameras.  The actor used the stage to make a...

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Flag Day

  So way at the bottom is the straight story from  I will not comment on the state of respect for the flag today.  I will leave that up to the reader.  In the meantime put out your flags and read Johnny...

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Boniface of Mainz – 5

Boniface was successful in getting the pagans to come to Christ, although there were still pockets of resistance that would be taken care of by others.  He was successful and as bishop he gathered a large number of catechumens...

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Boniface of Mainz part 4

We have said that the recruiting, training, sending, support and return of missionaries is a monumental job and when a church body undertakes that task I does so under the Lordship of Christ whose mission it is.  More and more...

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Troubled Hearts

  When Jesus made the statement “Let not your hearts be troubled” in John 14, Luther says this is the most consoling sermon the Lord preached on earth. It is the sermon preached at many funerals and the...

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Boniface of Mainz part 2

Entering a monastery, Winfred, who later will become Boniface, was a distinguished scholar and his piety was beyond reproach.  He was a great student and became an even greater teacher.  The monastery where he was learning and...

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