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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Whence Politeness?

There is a certain amount of handwringing that is going on among some folks as to whatever happened to politeness?  Of course the folks whose memories go back as far as their last birthday think that rudeness and a loss of...

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Prayers Ascend

I went to Nairobi the first time after the embassy bombings long ago that foreshadowed the 911 bombing here.  The Kenyans were proud of how they had comeback from that attack and how the site was a part and peaceful place to...

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The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand.

That is what John the Baptist said as he preached in the Judean wilderness and that is what Jesus said when He went about preaching teaching and healing and feeding and raising the dead and showing all the signs of what the...

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What’s Your Preference?

  Every day someone, somehow, tries to create In us a preference for someone or something. Because of the choices we have in cars, peanut butter, and paper towels, advertisers set out to show why we should prefer one to...

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Public Service and Servants

  In a few days we get to send in our quarterly tax payment for those of us who do such things.  Others will start getting ready to get their tax stuff together for filing.  All of us get to listen to the bloviating about...

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Happy Epiphany

This from yesterday. Epiphany begins today with the visit of the wise men.  Christmas is officially over and the Epiphany season begins.  God is shining forth His glory in the face of His beloved Son. We don’t know much...

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Ancestry and the New Year

My brother gave me a DNA kit for my birthday because he wanted to “finally figure out where I really came from”.  That must have been in my mind as I slept the old year gone and missed the dawning of the new.  When I...

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Something Completely Different

So today the 29th, the 5th day of Christmas you should have accumulated 5 partridges, 8 Turtle Doves, 9 French Hens, 8 colley Birds and 5 golden rings.  The bird count gets pretty crazy.  I received something different and fun. ...

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