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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Concordia Seminary and Koburg Hll

Last Friday night after the installation of officers and the President of the Church body there was a reception in Koberg Hall at Concordia Seminary. It was Friday, September 13th and it was a beautiful evening.  It was warm and...

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Big Day, Lots Going On

Lots of stuff going on today.  Here is a picture from the latest Project 24 Cathechetical club where the students from the various Centers go and have competitions of memorization, a depiction they make of Bible stories, and...

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Checking the Gifts.

Martin Luther in his comments on the Gospel of John has this to say. “If I had gone . . . and seen and heard a poor pastor baptizing and preaching, and if I had been assured: “This is the place; here God is speaking...

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Villages Beware

He was supposed to play against my Denver Broncos so I suppose I should appreciate the fact that Antonio Brown is no longer with the Raiders.  I am a little stunned that he was picked up by the Patriots but their success is...

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Disaster Response

  I have been watching the hurricane with interest since in about a month we will be attending a wedding that will take place at one of the spots that Dorian hit.  It is right on the beach so I am waiting for word on damage...

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Onesimus – Useful

  Tomorrow one of the lessons in church  is the letter to Philemon.  Paul is easing the way for  the return of a runaway slave and Philemon is his master.  Paul is essence stands in for Christ, or models Christ or however...

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Those Insect Identifiers

When I was a young man and first came into the North Dakota District the president was a no nonsense kind of fellow.  He set the table when he met me in St. Louis and asked when I could get up to North Dakota.  I told him that I...

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