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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


The Unnaturalness of Natural Man

  We received this cat sculpture as a gift years ago and I have to admit that coming around the corner of the yard it would startle  me because it looked in a quick glance like the real thing.  As time and the weather have...

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The Power of Words?

The insignificance of words and yet the necessity of preaching – there is a huge difference between God preached and God not preached, and that is why real Lutherans teach the necessity of preaching, and preaching something very...

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Congratulations Kissinger

Received this back in august and forgot to post.  Congratulations Kissinger>  He is our Project 24 manager in Kenya and we are very proud of what he had done in the past years and what he will accomplish in the future.  He will...

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Grand Dame

I told someone last Friday after the death of one of our old time members, Phyliss Hass, that we had lost one of the Grand Dames of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League. They looked at me with those uncomprehending looks so I...

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The Great I

  The world I thought belonged to me- Goods, gold, and people, land and sea; Wher’er I walked beneath God’s sky, In those old days, my word was “I.” Years passed: there flashed my pathway near The...

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As we remember those events and the innocent who died, let us also remember those who served in their vocations and lost their lives in trying to save others.  Then let us pray – Heavenly Father, God of all concord, it is...

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Home Alone? Let The Cleaning Begin

  So if you have been following and reading along with us the last few weeks we have been thinking about the song, “This Old House”; the sad and creepy ending of the book of Ecclesiastes in chapter 12; what some have...

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Home Alone

  There is an interesting set of events that happen as folks reach a certain age and that is the attachment to home.  As we age and the cares and vicissitudes of life set in and we find ourselves tenuously grasping that thing...

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This Old House Part 3

So the grotesque list of geriatric symptoms in Ecclesiastes 12 that according to John F.A. Sawyer include deafness, constipation, ischuria, acrophobia, and agoraphobia, anorexia, impotence, and horror of horrors, white hair are...

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This Old House part 2

I hinted that Stuart Hamblin, the author of “This Old House” might have  fallen back on some Old Testament illusions and memories from his Christian upbringing.  He said that he wanted to write a song about an old house but also...

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