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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Washington’s Church

Following his inauguration as the nation’s first president, in 1789, George Washington walked up Broadway to St. Paul’s for the service, attended by his wife, as well as both houses of Congress. The inauguration took place at...

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Philemon and Onesimus

Today is the recognition day for Philemon and Onesimus who are to be for us examples of reconciliation.  I don’t need to go through the story of these two – you can read about it in one of Paul’s shortest...

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Sins that Dash Even God Himself

  Interesting things happen, at least to me, when I pull on the threads of what seems to be coincidence. We had a Bible study on the woman who anointed Jesus feet with a costly perfume.  All through the Bible study I kept...

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The Locust Years

This doesn’t look like a big deal but if you get a million of them together there could be exciting times.  My friend John Kissinger, the Project manager for Project 24 was up at Wamba as I mentioned before and the locusts...

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Those Pesky Elections

So the folks that can heal the climate, give everyone free schooling and health care, and make everything fair because they are smarter than the rest of us have proven once again that they have problems counting, using a...

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Convention Reports – Why a Synod?

“The maintenance and advancement of the unity of the pure confession, and common defense against separatism and sectarianism” is the reason we have a Synod.  It is the reason that congregations form together and make up a...

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Ubiquitous Palindromes

    After all the silly things of the weekend, it is time we got some interesting news bits that we can sink our teeth into.  Worries about chunks of clothing falling off of the Super Bowl half time entertainment...

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When Aimless Violence

Joy Patterson My wife is from Wausau WI and we have spent some time there.  Her mother is still there and as we get older we realize it is getting harder to visit especially in the winter.  There are many people that I have met...

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The Worries About the Flu

What is scary about the flu is that the Chinese had to lock down and isolate something like 18 million people.  What is scarier is that the Chinese government can lock down and isolate 18 million people.  A country that cannot...

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