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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


What Do You Know?

Todays Gospel lesson talks about John the Baptist in prison wondering if Jesus is the Messiah, or “should we look for someone else.  The question is did John know Jesus was the Messiah?  Evidently there is a battle going...

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The Most Wonderful Time……..

These kinds of pictures have always intrigued me.  They are a stylized image of a nostalgic past that probably never really existed and they still have a hypnotic effect on me.  The streets of Leadville CO looked a lot like this...

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Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild

This is the time of the year when we want to meditate on the Christ Child and the memories that flood back from childhood about Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild.  Mary the Gentle One hovering over the manger that holds the Son of God...

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Project 24 Forum Coming

To all of our loyal donors out there who have wanted to go to a Project 24 site the chance is coming in February.  You will have the chance to participate in a Forum which discusses the issues, problems, joys, successes and...

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Making It Through December

I wrote about my enjoyment of Merle Haggard’s music the other day.  He had a way of getting into the problems and issues that people who work in the heartland some times have and the problems of everyday life that bear...

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Christmas Dream

For many years it is been something of a battle between my desire to try to keep Christmas hymns and carols as close to Christmas as possible, and to maintain the flavor and the sense of Advent.  I can complain about it until...

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Remembering to Remember

There is so much to think about as we enter the season of the year that revolves around Advent and Christmas and as we wend our way that way, that we sometimes forget the commemorations that come through this time of the year as...

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Old Memories Come Alive

  The gift of memory is wonderful thing and when we lose it or have bad memories or difficult times memory can be a bane or a blessing.  Music can make memory come alive.  The sound of a hymn in church or the singing of a choir...

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The Sense of Wonder

The last few weeks have been hectic and awesome.  Sad and joyful.  We go from funerals and surprising deaths to new babies and wonderful birthdays.  There have been dreadful accidents and the normal wear and tear of life.  But...

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Project 24 Report

We sometimes lose track of the fact that Project 24 students who stay at the boarding schools grow older and move onto other schools and hopefully they graduate and prayerfully we hope they go onto college.  Because of that...

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Hail Favored One

Hail Favored One I was strangely moved as I came home last night listening to radio and the music being played as President Bush was brought into the Capitol rotunda to lie in state.  He evidently had chosen two hymns that I...

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Alaska Earthquake etc.

I’m trying to get my head around what it must have been like for the driver of this car. My Father and my Uncle loved airplanes and it seemed that every month we would go to the hobby store and buy a model airplane that...

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St Andrew and the New Year

  New church year begins technically on the day when we remember St. Andrew. November 30th is the feast day of St. Andrew who was a follower of John the Baptist and began to follow Jesus when John called him the “Lamb of...

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