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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Bless the Rain and Mondays Too

Toto wrote and performed a great song about rain down in Africa that was evocative to enough people that had never been to Africa to become a huge hit. For those of us who have been there it brings lots of memories and raises...

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Theresa Robinson -1945 – 2021 RIP

If my memory serves, and lately that is iffy, my first adult baptism was a guy named Duane Robinson. I was impressed that he wanted to be baptized and really impressed that he wanted it done in public. In church. In those days...

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Liturgical Rapping

Our Synod President recommends this post, and so do I.  Here is an interesting story.  I did a wrap song a few years back.  I’ll see if I can get it on.  In the meantime here – try this –...

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The Stone was Very Large

  When the Sabbath was over, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, bought spices, so that they might come and anoint Jesus. Very early on the first day of the week, they came to the tomb when the sun had...

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Somethings Borrowed

  John Bortulin wrote that Jesus went “from borrowed donkey to borrowed upper room to borrowed cross and borrowed tomb.”  That is a nice bit of doggerel but it hit me particularly hard.  It has to do with the...

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What are You Stareing At?

  I call it the middle range stare. It’s not the thousand yard stare that most people think of as post traumatic stress syndrome. It’s not the furtive backward glance like I imagine Lot’s wife had before her pillarization....

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Vagueness of the Vagrant Animals

Man can be defined as an animal that makes dogmas. As he piles doctrine on doctrine and conclusion on conclusion in the formation of some tremendous scheme of philosophy and religion, he is, in the only legitimate sense of which...

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Did You Really Say That?

Anyone reading this blog knows that I am fascinated by words; how they change meaning; where they come from; how they are transmitted and on we go. I am noticing some commentators getting sloppy with some good words....

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Special Delivery

One of the great joys of my life is baptizing a baby. I squeeze their legs against my left elbow and hip and they are resting on my forearm. Their head is cradled in my left hand and I can see their face when I pour the water...

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Get Some Rest

  It has been several weeks now and I keep hearing the imperative that I “get some rest”. It is as if it’s a quest that I should be on; a search for something that seems to be elusive. It is, stated that way, a job to be...

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Look and Live

“The custom of holding a crucifix before a dying person has kept many in the Christian faith and has enabled them to die with a confident faith in the crucified Christ.” By His prophet Moses God told the obstinate and...

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