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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Doing What Lies at Hand

Luther talked about doing what lies at hand.  What he meant by that is that we, in our vocations, rely upon God to accomplish anything and trust in God to receive anything, while working as hard as we can at everything according...

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Habeas Corpus and Christmas

Habeas Corpus means “you shall have the body”, our “we want the body” depending on which Perry Mason episode you prefer.  The idea was that police cannot just haul people off to some hidden place where...

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Concordia University and Project 24

Today there will be a Capstone presentation by the undergraduate students of the Business School at Concordia St Paul (CSP) in Minnesota. The students used Project 24 and CCC-K as their business case study for this semester. Rev...

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Grumbling at Mercy

I don’t know what this means but I think it might be funny. Mark Galli writing in “Christianity Today” this month makes the observation, that when “the radical grace of God becomes manifest some begin to...

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Hong Kong and Freedom

I found it profoundly moving that Hong Kong freedom protesters were singing our anthem and waving our flag.  For years folks have been talking about being very careful in Hong Kong because no one wants to make the communist...

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Thanksgiving for Connections

I think about this family quite a bit.  They had a great camel herd and a wonderful family and we visited with them one evening as the sun was going down and the elephants were begining to move in the hills off in the distance. ...

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Project 24 – Giving Thanks

This is a quote from the Project 24 CCCK newsletter for this November.  Remember Project 24 is the funding for structures and CCCK is child sponsorships for the centers.  Just in time for Thanksgiving. One of the special things...

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