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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Is the Third Time a Charm or What?

Coincidences are those things that happen that make us all a little uneasy.  You get up in the morning and think about someone and remind yourself to call them and later you get a call that they are in the hospital.  You hear a...

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The Heat is On

Evidently the EPA came out with a declaration that people should leave their Air Conditioners on 88 when they are gone and turn it down to 85 when they go to bed and turn a fan on.  They had some other crazy ideas about the...

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Critique of Reason

  There is much covered by Luther’s axiom that we should let God be God.  It is a good definition of sin when we don’t.  Mercy work where the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing is also a...

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There are Gaffes………

Gaffes are those things that happen that ought to embarrass folks, assuming they can be embarrassed.  When Mary spent all day making Veal Oscar for a dinner party and Mr. Grant loaded over half the dinner onto his plate on the...

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Promises –

  Preaching to preachers was a famous theologian named Oswald Beyer. He was trying to convey the truth that for preachers all we have to offer is the Gospel, the good news about Jesus. There are word structures that simply...

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Suicide Watch and Hubris – part 2

We wrote last time about the hubris of folks who look around everyday and see incompetence and sloppiness and still think there is a capability to do stuff that only God can do.  Luther talked about that kind of thinking as a...

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Suicide Watches and Hubris

  I always thought that “suicide watch” was meant to prevent suicide and not to watch one.  I thought that was a good line and then I find out that this Jeffrey Epstein character was taken off of the watch. ...

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Promises, promises.

There are always questions about the nature of faith.  Is it a performance?  Is it knowledge?  Is it a response to a command?  Here is the definition from Hebrews. I hope Pastors spend a lot of time working on the nature of...

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Call Him Jesus

The Old Testament lesson for this Sunday is Genesis 15:1-6.  ‘I am your shield and great reward” God tells Abraham.  I love that image and the promise of descendants like the sand at the seashore and stars in the...

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The Art of Insult continued ..

  In the Preface to “A Vision of Judgement” (1821), Robert Southey wrote: “Men of diseased hearts and depraved imaginations, who, forming a system of opinions to suit their own unhappy course of conduct, have...

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The Preventable Ways We Die

The celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson learned as many have before, that the collective frustration of what some have come to call “the mob” are not interested in perspective, objective factoids, and a...

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