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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


The Good Confession

You can’t go very far in church or in a life of faith without coming across the idea of a “good confession”.  People get worked up about the fact that at some point we ask young people to “confess”...

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I have a vague recollection of being at the Tampa Bay Florida airport years ago with Bill Sharpe but my recollection is of he and I having to walk out on the tarmac and get on a duel engine prop airplane but I can’t...

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The Busyness of Life

I have to go to the convention and so I have to get a bunch of stuff done before I can even leave.  I have been asked by people why I don’t take vacations? and the answer is it takes more work to go away than it does to...

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Congratulations to the NYG

Everything I have heard is that the NYG )National Youth Gathering) in Minneapolis was an amazing event.  Up here in the North Country we get a bit nervous about a gathering in Minneapolis what with the traffic and the crowds and...

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Trying to Be Longtempered.

  Paul writing to the folks at Colossae says that he and his companions “continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives,[e] 10 so that you...

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  There was an old concept back in the day that I heard farmers talk about regarding livestock and their own children.  This was back when farmers actually lived on a farm year round and didn’t have homes in Florida...

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Moses and the Horns

  My friend Kathlyn Rath sent me this picture after the other blogs about horns.  This is from a church in Norway where her mothers grandparents were baptized.  Here is another picture and I like the clothes Moses is...

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LCMS Youth Gathering

The LCMS Youth gathering is at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis this week and I am sure a good time will be had by all.  I have attended Youth Gatherings in Denver where we were caught in a tremendous thunderstorm at Red Rocks...

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Brides, Symbols and Bravado

  Years ago, I was having the initial meeting with a bride to be and her fiancé. The wedding was quite away off and I wanted to talk about the Biblical concept of marriage and what God intended it to be and see how it fit...

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It’s the Devil Coming Out

    We were very proficient at throwing rocks and snow balls in my day.  My principal at school recognized the propensity to throw stuff when I was pretty small.  She told me that I literally scooped up snow the first...

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Those Little Devils

      I knew a lady that had two sons that she called her little angels and everyone else called them little devils,  They were also called hellions which a great word too.  Probably comes from the word hallion...

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Put Down My Name

  I remember the Seinfeld episode where the gang had gone to a Chinese restaurant before going to a movie and the central question was whether their names were written in the reservation book?  After several checks and...

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To Whom Do We Ask Permission?

People really are loosing whatever minds they had before this last election.  Someone actually said that the celebration on the mall for the 4th was a precursor to an American Tiananmen Square.  People that stupid should...

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