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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


The South American Missions

This picture was taken from the roof of the Seminary/School/Mercy Center in Palmar Arriba in the Dominican Republic where a symposium and meeting of mission partners was held not long ago.  Mission work in Central and South...

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Pathetically Apostate

One of my favorite writers was Richard John Neuhaus. He always had a marvelous turn of phrase that made you stop, go back, and re-read what he had written and come away intellectually challenged and eager to read more.  In one...

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The Royal Wedding

I wasn’t all a Twitter about the royal wedding like many were. I confess to watching some of it but basically doing other things. I was mildly interested in what the preacher would say being a bishop from the United States but I...

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We’re Doomed

It starts out simply enough.  There is just a little scratch and tickle up somewhere in the sinus, uvula area and it is irritating but not debilitating.  You can gargle but that doesn’t help.  I remember my old Pastor...

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Another Loss of a Church

  I wrote about the loss of a church up here in the North Country a while back and yesterday I received this picture of historic Trinity Lutheran in Milawaukee burning down.  It is an ugly sight and our prayers ascend for...

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Quiet and Peaceful – Redux

I wrote this almost a year ago.  My frustration level rose again when I listened to the talking heads blither on about the “peace process” which is a joke.  70 years we have talked about the peace process and there...

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The Problem of God

There is “a problem of God” for society. We see it all over and the small issue that we have been discussing over the display of a motto, “in God we trust” is a small slice of a much bigger pie. God...

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