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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Popple Ridge Picker Concert –

This was taken at the Popple Ridge Picker concert held Sunday night at Immanuel in Grand Forks and well attended and much appreciated.  Fund were raised for Project 24 and Christ Cares for Children Kenya.  The folks at Immanuel...

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The Sabbath Rest

  I am preaching on the Sabbath Rest and we are not going to think about the old argument about what day for worship  or what the Sabbath day really is.  It is the third commandment. The 1st commandment demands our hearts...

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The Poetry Corner

I have never considered myself to be a poet.  I like to write words that rhyme and so I guess that is poetry in a sense.  When ever I put a poem on this blog I usually get a reaction from folks who like poems so even though I...

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Tractor Tires at the Gym

I had a flashback the other day. It came about when I was watching an advertisement for something, I can’t remember what, but it had to do with men exercising in the background in what was obviously a well equipped exercise...

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LCMS and the Hurricanes

LCMS Human Care and World Relief is already active in the Carolinas and Florida after the devastation made by Florence and then they were getting ready for Michael.  This is the prayer offered up last week and as we are finding...

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Of Profiles and Courage

  John Kennedy supposedly wrote a book about Senators making extremely difficult decisions that went against their party or their constituents, and were extremely controversial at the time. He wrote it supposedly when he was a...

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A Capital Idea at the Capitol

All the craziness that has been taking place on Capitol Hill, around the Supreme Court and in other places in our country,  I suddenly had one of those memories that popped into my brain of an incident long ago and far away.  It...

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