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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Fatalism 3

  Let’s reset the premise.  There are those who believe that God is going to achieve what he wants without our help or work or influence.  Remember, if Allah wills the bullets will strike the invaders whether we practice...

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Fatalism 2

  Behind certain types of fatalism is that belief that God has a plan and that plan will be worked out regardless of cooperation and the external preparations of silly human beings.  The idea from  yesterday that God would allow...

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An extremely interesting man by the name of Fredrick Burnaby, a British Officer from the 19th century wrote a travelogue called “On Horseback Through Asia Minor” which is wonderful read.  The Russians who were...

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The Power of Coincidence

When I was writing one of the blogs a while back I had running through my head Paul Simon’s ‘Kodachrome”.  The only way to shake a song that gets caught up in your brain is to go through a list of songs and hopefully break the...

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The Class Picture

Like all class pictures this one is trying to do too much.  Getting everyone into the picture means that it is hard to see a particular tree in the forest.  I am told that this is all or most of the children from the Project 24...

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Discriminating Taste

I was reading outside on my patio last night after the sun went down.  The light from the iPad denied me the ability to see around the yard without some sight adjustment, but I noticed that there was something that was whizzing...

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Welcome to Project 24 Project 24 students welcoming children to the new Nyambira center by singing Paul Speratus Great Hymn “Savation Unto Us Has...

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Newest Project 24 Center

Folks arriving and having lunch at the new Nyambira Project 24 Center in Kenya.  The center will be officially opened and children placed later in this week.  Remember them in your prayers.           Share this on:...

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The Myrrhbearers

You can read about them in Matthew 27:56.  We missed it.  Friday last was the commemoration of the myrrh bearers known  as Joanna. Salome and Mary.  These were women who cared for and maybe financed Jesus and the disciples in...

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A Peculiar Spell – part 2

  We asked the question in our last blog, “if we are the “body of Christ”, and each individually members of it, how do we function in the universe in which all things are to be brought into Christ and under...

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Project 24 at Lutheran Island Camp

Rev. Dennis McManus is at Lutheran Island Camp today for their Annual Quilt Action.  He has a display concerning Project 24 and we hope you will stop by and say hi and support this joint project of the Minnesota North and North...

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A Peculiar Spell

  The Creation bears witness to the fact that the Church was in existence at the beginning.  The act of God speaking to and being answered by our first parents shows the existence of the church, which is in reality a place where...

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The Creation of a New Spirituality

Folks might ask why we talk about politics and the issues of the day that seem to be intractable, when this is a mercy blog that should be talking about heavenly things and things of a spiritual nature?  The separation of church...

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