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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Getting Ready for Jonah

Jonah is on the dock for Sunday.  Strange man.  Strange story. As T.J. Carlisle has written –   By heart he has learned – with what heart he had – devotedly and meticulously the eternal words. He could recite them...

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Back in the day when people wanted to start something new such as installing a new priest at the temple, or putting a new statue of Ceaser on some corner of a Roman street,  there would be pomp and circumstance and speeches....

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Live Dogs and Dead Lions

All the saints of God, all believers, share the hope that according to the wisdom of all nations belongs to the very nature of man, because man lives by hope (e.g., Ecclesiastes 9:4) and cannot live without hope. The hope of the...

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Gratitude and Reverence

It is in times like these that we seem to lose the sense of thankfulness.  Bombarded by divisive issues we jump from one frustration to another.  I hear the constant phrase “incitement to violence” and It seems to me...

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Everybody Talks About the Weather

There’s an old joke that says everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it. The weather up here has been very strange. Very little snow. We had the snirt Christmas and a few flurries after that.  We...

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Living in Interesting Times

  After the events of the week, There is an old Chinese curse that says – “may you live in interesting times”. We are living in interesting times. We have seen, because of the pandemic, our inability to live the way...

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Three Kings – Three Gifts

      Since I was a little boy I have been taught that the gifts of the Wise Men showed what he was and what he would do.  Gold the gift for a King.  Frankincense an offering to God.  Myhrr the anointing substance...

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The Descent Continues.

      Cataloging our dissent into madness at times has been fun but mostly just depressing. Congress has proven itself over the last year to be worthless. We probably have the best of worlds because they...

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Brink of New Year

Standing on the brink of a new year desperately trying to get this one as far behind us as possible, the weighing of relative merits and demerits of the past is incumbent on thinking folks.  It is good to think about the Lord...

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