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Dahlstrom Motors revisited

The Dahlstrom Donation


Back in September we wrote these words about Dahlstrom motors and the the volunteer help in Minot.  Dahlstrom Motors is in Oslo Minnesota between Grafton and Grand Forks, just off of interstate 29.

Oslo also understands floods. If my memory serves Oslo has been surrounded by water and sometimes cut off from the “mainland” for several weeks at a time in the Spring and they sympathize with their neighbors to the West. In trying to help with the clean up in Minot a vehicle was needed to carry people and supplies since most volunteers show up in RV’s and have no other transportation. Bill Sharpe sent out a call for a vehicle and Dahlstrom’s generously donated a suburban. Just saying thank you seems a bit pedestrian but I’m not sure what else to do. It was generous and much appreciated. Since this is a blog about Minnesota North and North Dakota and our “life together”, if you are ever in the neighborhood of Oslo stop by and say hello and thank you.

I haven’t been back to Dahlstrom to thank him and let him know the progress that has been made, but I have been informed that the vehicle gets quite a workout and has served the volunteers well.  If you recognize any of them please let me know who they are.  We know that a lot of folks have gone over to Minot from MInnesota North.  Grace Lutheran in Chisolm and Pastor Breitbarth made a trip and we appreciate it.  I just heard that Pastor Neels from Niagara North Dakota mader the trip and I await a story from him as well.  Here are some pictures of the Dahlstrom vehicle and pictures of people, but I don’t know who the people are. If you recognize any of these folks please let me know who they are.

Who are these people?

and these?


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Mercy connections – disasters

The Sevareid Stamp

"Dude, we gotta go".

The flooding in Minot has reached epic proportions.  It has gotten bad enough that the national news actually is paying attention.  That is something.  Eric Sevareid, a North Dakota native and a long time television newsman called North Dakota “a vast rectangular blank spot on the nations consciousness”.  Minnesota shares some of the same benign neglect except for Mao Clinic and the Vikings.  Disasters not only bring out the best in us, they garner us some attention as well.  It is sad but true.  Most people never heard of Grand Forks until the whole town was flooded in 1997. 

The mercy connection in disaster has a face and a name.  It’s Carlos Hernandez.  He is with LCMS World Relief and Human Care.  I was with him in New Orleans.  I was supoosed to be with him in Haiti.  I was with him in Wadena Minnesota after the tornado.  He was here in Grafton and Drayton during our trials.  He is a one of a kind and reacts to every disaster with the same statement – “Dude, we gotta go!”  He lives in Sacramento California, but if you need him he will be at your door in about a day and a half. 

He is in Minot.  Pastor Paul Krueger, whose father was a Pastor in Hackensack or Walker or somewhere up North of Brainerd is hosting him and assessing the situation in Minot.  about the situation of one of our churches, St. Marks and  about Carlos he writes, “So far, water is at the foundation of St. Marks, they’ve probably got water in the basement, but the current crest stopped short of going into the building.It was a joy to spend time with Carlos. I appreciate his insight and his great wisdom. What a blessing to me personally, and to the people I serve.”

That’s Carlos – a joy and a blessing.  That is God’s gift to us as well.  Joy even in the midst of sorrow and difficulty.  I pray that joy for my relatives.  I have a Godchild in Minot that I have been told has lost her home and an Aunt that lost her’s as well. 

Please say a prayer for these folks and if you can contribute to LCMS World Relief and Human Care.  There is a give now botton at  Also check out the “Mercy Forever” blog site.

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