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Progressive Power

“The progressive has turned original sin, which afflicts all mankind, into political error, which conveniently afflicts his opponents and not himself.” — Anthony Esolen, from his book “NOSTALGIA: Going Home In A...

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False Liberalism

There was a rise of what was called “false liberalism” that arose after the Reformation.  It was called “Socinianism”.  This is from Wikipedia so take it with salt but it is pretty close. The Socinians...

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General Acceptability

I am still fascinated by an article from 1939 by W. Arndt talking about the challenges to the church back them. He writes “In our age the tendency which cares little about what a person believes and teaches and which in...

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Because We Taught

Fightings and fears within, without, is a pretty good description of life in the church.  Lutheran theology to my mind is nuanced.  Imagine growing up when removal of prayer was going on in the schools and people, Christian...

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Blast from the Past

I remember writing this 3 years ago but I wanted to bring it back because of statues and portraits being removed and military bases needing to be renamed.  And before you have a knee jerk reaction  I have no truck or sympathy...

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Organizers Unite

So called social justice warriors and dialectitions have plans that are laid out and are not secrets.  Unlike their destruction of freedom of speech for their competitor’s, their competitors will bend over backwards to let...

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The Death of Experts

Bil Sharpe was a dear friend of mine who has been on these pages many times and even had his own column section. I took him fishing one time which was a wonderful experience for both of us. He came from Fargo and met me...

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