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We are a Nation of Laws – Really?

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom (above) issued 6000 illegal marriage licenses when gay marriage was illegal and was hailed as a hero for not following the law. Kim Davis (below) refuses to issue licenses now that it is a law and is thrown in jail. Lutheran’s believe that if you engage in civil disobedience you must be ready to suffer the consequences which might very well be going to jail. But shouldn’t Kim Davis have expected the government to ignore her illegal actions in the same way they ignored Newsom? Or put the other way should Gavin Newsom have expected to go to jail for breaking the law the way Davis has?  Authorities either take the law seriously or they don’t. By law both Newsome and Davis should go to jail.  How can any of us know if officials will take the law seriously or not?  Immigration laws are a perfect example.  When does Government take it seriously and if they don’t, why should anyone else?  Government is a good gift of God (see Luther’s Explanation to the 4th Petition of the Lord’s Prayer), but it is only “good” when it is not capricious.

kim davis



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Thoughts on Justice part 2.

 I have been thinking about John Witte Jr’s presentation on ‘justice” at the symposium.  He quoted and man named Grant Gilmore –

“The better the society, the less law there will be. In Heaven there will be no law, and the lion will lie down with the lamb… . In Hell there will be nothing but law, and due process will be meticulously observed.”

Witte continued by turning this around and saying that “A Protestant faithful to Luther’s later and more enduring insights, however, might properly reach the exact opposite projection. In Heaven, there will be pure law, and thus the lamb will lie down with the lion. In Hell, there will be no law, and thus all will devour each other eternally. Heaven will exalt due process and each will always receive what’s due. Hell will exalt pure caprice and no one will ever know what’s coming.”

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