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The Orphan Grain Train and partnerships……………..

OFT volunteers in Bottineau ND

We have a great opportunity here and I hope we can take advantage of it.  I received this from Harold Gessner of the the North Dakota Orphan Grain Train group.

At a recent meeting of our ND-OGT committee we agreeded that it was our wishes to gather a shipment for Kenya if there is still a need.  What we need to know what items is of the greatest needs and we would contact our ND peaple, congregations, LWML  etc. and put  them togther until we have enougth for a container.  If we need to we may need to build up some shipping funds, although we may have enough

    We will also neeb to know the name of the reciever & other info as time goes by.  May our Lord Bless us in our plans and deliberations  ND-OGT District Chairman, Harold Gessner
We have so many people that have gone over and came back with all kinds of ideas for helping our sister church.  Candice Biocondia recently had some ideas and I am sure the the Kenyan task force has ideas as well.  Our travelers from Minnesota North and the DP’s probably have ideas too.  Please let us know what you believe that greatest needs are and let’s see what we can get done together.  Perhaps Gene Pasche (Director of Orphan Grain Train Minnesota North Division) and his group want to be involved as well.
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The Mary Okeyo Travelers are at work……….

Candice Bicondoa at Retired Teachers Banquet

Candice has been giving presentations I understand in several different places as are the other other travelers.  I believe that all of them have made at least one presentation.  They are available for giving talks.  Contact the District Offices or me and we can gets you in contact.  In the meantime the travel fund needs to be replenished.  The Mary Okeyo Student Fund for Travel is administered at the North Dakota District Office, and you can send donations to PO Box 9029 Fargo, ND 58106-9029 attention Bill Sharpe.

The presentation above is at a retired teachers banquet in Brainerd.  That’s a lot of retired teachers.  Nice gathering and thanks Candice!

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