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Minot Update

Water near St. Marks LCMS


Got this last night from Bill Sharpe who hopefully will blog about his experiences when he gets a chance.

“Disasters are a quickly changing environment. But, here is what I think I know.

 The two pictures were taken last Saturday afternoon near the time of the crest at St Mark Minot. The first picture shows the parking lot of St Mark, Minot. The second is looking eastward down 4th St from St Mark. St Mark has/had water in its basement. In anticipation of a much higher crest, many of the building’s content were removed.

 St Paul and Our Savior were not threatened by flood waters.

 Rev Daryl and Peggy Rothchild definitely have water in their home. I am not sure they have been able to see or assess the damages. But, their home is in an area that has a LOT of water.

 My best estimate right now based on congregational assessments is that 150+ LCMS families have been affected by high water in Bismarck and Minot. This number will probably grow as congregations “find” members who have been evacuated.

 There are many families in rural areas who continue to battle high ground water levels or standing water. They are sometimes forgotten as news coverage highlights areas with high concentrations of people. Most counties in ND have been declared a disaster area by someone.

 Our Savior’s child care center is operating using trucked in water and porta potties. St Paul is hosting two local child care centers in their building. I was told yesterday that St Paul has one operating toilet.

 Staff from LCMS Human Care and World Relief have visited both Bismarck and Minot. They have already allocated funds to congregations to help them meet immediate needs of members.

 Clean up crews will definitely be needed at a later date. This would be a good time to train clean up teams and gather supplies. If you or your congregation would like to help, please let me know. Since the waters remain high, there is not an immediate need for volunteers. The people of Minot are still experiencing a disaster. They are not to a recovery phase yet.

 I also caution against in-gatherings of items unless you have spoken directly to someone in the affected area who can use the items being donated.Cash contributions can be sent to the ND District and designated for flood relief. We will use them throughout the district as we work with those affected and identify needs.

 William L. Sharpe

ND District LC-MS  701- 361-0867

I would also suggest that donations can be given to LCMS World Relief and Human Care.  There is a give now button at

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Waiting in the Living Room – part 2

Now that my wife is at home and I am doing the cooking etc, the simple stuff of life that I took for granted is coming to the fore.  The simple ability to get up and walk out the door and get into my car and drive somewhere has changed.  I can still do it, but arrangements must be made and contingency plans planned etc.  Running out and getting a pizza is probably not going to happen anymore.  Sitting in my back yard and enjoying a fine cigar needs to be planned ahead of time and the  weather doesn’t cooperate.

One of the crossing points that we share between North Dakota and Minnesota is the weather.  What we get eventually comes over to the folks in Minnesota.  The weather hasn’t helped with the simple routines, for me or for folks along the Ottertail or in some areas of the lake country. Western Dakota and the area around where I grew up is really getting hit.  Last night it poured.  This was the picture that awaited me when I checked the rain gauge.

2 inches and climbing

Some new friends that I have met over the internet in trying to get some mercy work done on the Native American reserves in North and South Dakota –  Johnathan and Maryann Anderson, wrote commenting on the “Living in the Waiting room, or Waiting in the Living Room” blog.  Kind of ties it all together.

Regarding my wife Faye they write, “She is building a new tomorrow and we will help pray the planks in place on that bridge. I have to be reminded so many times to stop and smell the roses, or be thankful for those mundane, routine things we take so for granted. Sometimes that is “the new normal” and I need to be thankful not frustrated with them. I lived with horrible neck pain after an accident in 1969 in Fargo. For five years even the easiest of life skills was almost impossible, like getting my head off the pillow without screaming. Sweeping the floor was a challenge, even doing it with my left hand. I begged God to take that pain since nothing would ease it and one morning five+ years later it was gone never to return. All the nerves and tendons in my right shoulder and neck area had been messed up pretty badly. I had physical therapy all those years and perhaps that finally helped. The pain subsided so quickly that I know it truly was a gift from God. It wasn’t an on again off again pain event. When it was gone it was gone. The physicians said I would develop arthritis there at an early age and so far God has prevented that too.

Please remember our youngest son Dave’s wife Kari’s parents in Minot. They removed everything from their home yesterday and today drove away in their RV as the water was up to the threshold. They were told the water level in the house would probably be to the ceiling since the house is built on a slab. My heart goes out to all the families in Minot displaced. They didn’t take a gamble with lake shore property and yet the waters found them. Where would we all be without faith in a God who loves us in spite of what we do or don’t do?
With thankful prayers,
Jonathan and Mary Ann
Three weeks ago I would have gotten in my truck and drove over to Bismarck and Minot and joined up with Carlos Hernandez from LCMS World Relief to see what could be done over there, just like we did in Wadena a year ago.  My wife would have called me sometime to see where I was and if I would be home that night or the next day.  That can’t happen now.
The new normal of “waiting in the living room” is to live each day to fullest and fulfill our vocation in Christ.  Trusting His promises and understanding that all of life is lived “under the Cross” the highs aren’t too high and the low’s aren’t too low.  It, as they say, is what it is. 
Let’s keep praying for the flood victims and rain depressed and the sick who have to travel to Dr’s appointments in pouring rain.  If you ahve any ideas about Native American ministry conrtact the Anderson.  Contact me and I’ll let you know how to get in touch.
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Volunteers needed

Volunteers are needed to assist with flood relief efforts throughout North Dakota. Especially hard hit have been McLean & Ward counties (the surrounding areas of Minot & Garrison).

Lutheran Disaster Response is asking for volunteers to call 1-800-366-9841 or you may contact Joan Buchhop at

Kirk Rosin has a team in the field today (April 27) in the Wheatland/Chafee area. He has a tool trailer and he is willing to move it to where it’s needed and to help other volunteers. He and his team are extremely experienced in flood/water cleanup. If you are available, don’t hestiate to call the hotline or contact Joan.

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