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Author: Rev. Bernie Seter

Fruits of Project 24

Tumaini was one of the Project 24 sites that had many issues, trial and tribulations but it is functioning and we are starting to see the blessings of the work there.  It was practically destroyed by a wind storm during...

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Feverish Quests

The “melancholy long, withdrawing roar” of faith leaving a culture according to George Will in a new book, leaves it susceptible to feverish quests for redemption through political action” *  We are witnessing...

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The Melancholy Long, Withrawing Roar

His name was Matthew Arnold and he was one of those old time poets that wrote lectures that were published into books.  His best know work is “Culture and Anarchy” and it is still available.  He maybe most famous for...

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Coincidences Again

With the Boy Scouts requesting bankruptcy protection in the wake of law suits regarding abuse by adult leaders, I suddenly had a rush of memories about George Will.  I don’t think much about George will very often but when...

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Washington’s Church

Following his inauguration as the nation’s first president, in 1789, George Washington walked up Broadway to St. Paul’s for the service, attended by his wife, as well as both houses of Congress. The inauguration took place at...

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