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Author: Rev. Bernie Seter

Concordia Seminary and Koburg Hll

Last Friday night after the installation of officers and the President of the Church body there was a reception in Koberg Hall at Concordia Seminary. It was Friday, September 13th and it was a beautiful evening.  It was warm and...

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Chapel do St. Timothy and Titus

  Been off the grid traveling and funerals but this is a picture of the Chapel of St. Timothy and Titus where the installation of Officers was held.  Nice to be back on campus of my seminary.  

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Happy Direct Care Professional Week

      National DSP Recognition Week, September 8th – 14th! This week recognizes the incredible work of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) across the country. I want to take this opportunity to personally...

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Big Day, Lots Going On

Lots of stuff going on today.  Here is a picture from the latest Project 24 Cathechetical club where the students from the various Centers go and have competitions of memorization, a depiction they make of Bible stories, and...

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Checking the Gifts.

Martin Luther in his comments on the Gospel of John has this to say. “If I had gone . . . and seen and heard a poor pastor baptizing and preaching, and if I had been assured: “This is the place; here God is speaking...

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