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Month: June 2011

“Fear Not I am with You”

I am always amazed at the times in the Bible when some great hero of faith is approached by God and told to do something and they always have a million reasons why they can’t do it. God never tries to ego boost”. He simply says “fear not I am with you”. Moses and Gideon are great examples. After 58 years on this earth I am starting to “get it”. Living without fear and anxiety is not easy and I can tell myself or you that we are stonger, smarter, better, healthier, etc. In the end all those are pretty hollow. When the going gets tough the best thing and the only thing that will help is remembering that God say’s – “I am with you”. My Savior said he will be with us to the end of the age. Where two or three of us are gathered, he is with us. The “Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear”? Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting. Share this on:...

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Mercy connections – disasters

The flooding in Minot has reached epic proportions.  It has gotten bad enough that the national news actually is paying attention.  That is something.  Eric Sevareid, a North Dakota native and a long time television newsman called North Dakota “a vast rectangular blank spot on the nations consciousness”.  Minnesota shares some of the same benign neglect except for Mao Clinic and the Vikings.  Disasters not only bring out the best in us, they garner us some attention as well.  It is sad but true.  Most people never heard of Grand Forks until the whole town was flooded in 1997.  The mercy connection in disaster has a face and a name.  It’s Carlos Hernandez.  He is with LCMS World Relief and Human Care.  I was with him in New Orleans.  I was supoosed to be with him in Haiti.  I was with him in Wadena Minnesota after the tornado.  He was here in Grafton and Drayton during our trials.  He is a one of a kind and reacts to every disaster with the same statement – “Dude, we gotta go!”  He lives in Sacramento California, but if you need him he will be at your door in about a day and a half.  He is in Minot.  Pastor Paul Krueger, whose father was a Pastor in Hackensack or Walker or somewhere up North of Brainerd is hosting him and assessing the...

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Quilts and Yarn and Mercy. Awesome!

The last few blogs have talked about the little things of life and how after a life changing event, like an illness or an operation or the death of a loved one, those little things take on big proportions.  Sometimes the life changing events happen when we confront the realities of how most of the worlds population actually lives.  My life changing event happened in Kenya.  I have said about that event that ‘something awful happened to me” over there.  I mean that the things that I saw and the people that I met in our sister church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya filled me with “awe”. When the Grace Lutheran Church of Hibbing Quilting Ladies made their quits and we got them over to Kenya, the joy of the childrens faces when they saw them filled me with awe.  Later on that trip I watched as a Kenyan mother who was obviously homeless wrapped up what appeared to be all of her earthly possessions in what I am convinced was an LWML/World Relief quilt.  She tied it up and balanced it on her head and picked up a liitle boy and walked away.  That filled me with awe as well.  Everything she had in the world was in that quilt. Maryann Anderson in Bismarck North Dakota at Holy Cross, one of our new Mission starts is trying...

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Waiting in the Living Room – part 2

Now that my wife is at home and I am doing the cooking etc, the simple stuff of life that I took for granted is coming to the fore.  The simple ability to get up and walk out the door and get into my car and drive somewhere has changed.  I can still do it, but arrangements must be made and contingency plans planned etc.  Running out and getting a pizza is probably not going to happen anymore.  Sitting in my back yard and enjoying a fine cigar needs to be planned ahead of time and the  weather doesn’t cooperate. One of the crossing points that we share between North Dakota and Minnesota is the weather.  What we get eventually comes over to the folks in Minnesota.  The weather hasn’t helped with the simple routines, for me or for folks along the Ottertail or in some areas of the lake country. Western Dakota and the area around where I grew up is really getting hit.  Last night it poured.  This was the picture that awaited me when I checked the rain gauge. Some new friends that I have met over the internet in trying to get some mercy work done on the Native American reserves in North and South Dakota –  Johnathan and Maryann Anderson, wrote commenting on the “Living in the Waiting room, or Waiting in the Living Room” blog. ...

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