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Month: July 2011

The Ways Our Paths Cross – 6 Degrees of Separation and Pastor Maland.

As you know one of the reasons that we started this blog is to share the many and varied ways that our paths cross and our partnerships exist and we operate as the body of Christ in ways we may never know about unless somebody stumbles upon it.  The “6 Degrees of Separation” article about Ron Carnicom was an example.  Well here is another. I was doing some presentations and other “stuff” at one of my favorite places in the world, Lutheran Island Camp at Battle Lake Minnesota.  It is great place and Ken Erlandson is a great servant leader and quiet model of the love of Christ.  He was getting ready along with Marvin Swyter to do something that I thought then and still think is crazy.  They had cut a huge rectangular chunk of ice out of the lake and were getting ready to have people go and jump into the water.  Polar Plunge I think it was called.  Check it out at  While waiting for the insanity to ensue I met a quiet young looking guy sitting by the door by the name of Randy Maland.  In talking with him I felt that I had met a kindred spirit.  We shared the same philosophy of ministry, service, etc and it was refreshing to talk with him.  The fact that he had either done the Polar plunge...

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I am getting ready for church tommorow and see that the Gospel lesson is the feeding of the 5000.  I suddenly remembered my first visit to Kibera, Kenya, a slum where one million people are stuffed into an area about the size of Grand Forks North Dakota.  Kibera – Nairobi, Kenya East Africa December 2003 Bernhard Seter  How to describe this place – the first thing you notice is the sound.  Like the murmur of a thousand bees.  Noise that moves around you like a cloud. You cannot identify it at first but it is there in the back of your mind like an unfinished not quite forgotten errand.  Something is there but you cannot put it into context until it develops full blown that this is the sound of human voices.  Children laughing and crying; mothers calling those children; men cajoling one another, and as these sounds coalesce into what can be identified as a crowd of human beings the second thing that you notice is the smell.  It too moves around you like a cloud, not always easy to identify but there.  This time it is in the front of your mind because it is an assault upon your senses.  Nothing subtle here at all.  Too much that easily identified; burning rubber, charcoal, perfume, human waste, wet dog, old goat, rotting vegetables, and here and there food, shoe polish,...

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Tulsa & Minot

 Rev Phil Hannemann of St Paul Rugby writes: From July 23-29 our church fellowship hall was the camp out zone for six adults and seven youth from Good Shepherd Lutehran Church of Tulsa, OK.  They logged in time at Minot from Sunday -Thursday gutting the insides of four homes during the days.  Each evening, they showered at the Rugby Armory, ate food provided by St Paul members and watched videos.  They left this morning after cleaning the fellowship hall. Share this on:...

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A cup of cold water or pulling some weeds………..

Seter Garden And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.   The words of Christ in Matthew have always haunted me.  We have blogs about the “good stuff” and the little things but they do add up. I blogged about the wonderful work done in my yard by a group of our friends that got together and planted my wifes flowers while she was in the hospital.  It was wonderful but…… no one could get a handle on the flower garden in the back.  It is hard to see in this picture but we have lilies and decorative grasses and poppies and forget me not’s and spiderworts and all kinds of things that were literally taken over by thistles.  After days of pulling by hand I can finally see the plants for the weeds.  You can also see my artistic eye as I try to match the line of the leaning tree in the neighbors yard with the angle of the ladder against my workshed with the bird bath.  Anyway I got this from Maryann Anderson – remember the yarn lady from a previous blog –   “There is a family who gardens just to the “south” of our plots...

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Things Done In Christ’s Name – part 2

I said in the last blog that anything that almost an entire congregation turns out for is worth talking about.  I also wrote in a previous blog that Jesus commandment was a “truly new thing” when He said that his disciples were to love as he loved them.  There was, in no sense of the word, any “merciful concern for the poor” before Jesus came and gave that commandment.  Before the Christian Church was born there were no orphanages, schools of help for the blind, the deaf, the insane or handicapped.  In fact early in the churches life there was no need for these things because “every Christian home was an asylum for the……… indigent”  There are reports from history that members of the early church would go door to door in what we would call a motel, and see if any of the travelers were sick or had died during the night.  If they found someone sick they would help.  If they found someone dead they would give them a proper burial.  They did these things freely of their own will.  It was reported by a Roman governer that wherever the pagans are (read Christians) there are no homeless or hungry or sick littering the streets “as there are in Rome”.  It used to be the norm that the entire congregation were workers of mercy.  So here are...

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