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Month: September 2011

Weird Experiences

One of my failings is a love of history.  My friend Mr. Ravi in India asked me once how I knew so much about the slang and the people of India and my answer was history.  I learn an awful lot of history from historical novelists like C.S. Forester, Patrick O’Brien, Bernard Cornwell, and, I am a little ashamed to admit, George MacDonald Frasier.  You can learn more real history from a fictional story like “Flashman on the March” than a lot of highly regarded classical histories. I never knew for instance, that World War 1 was fought in Africa and not just the fields of France and Germany until I read Forester’s fictional “African Queen”, and of course saw the delightful movie of the same name. The reality of the war of course took a great toll on the lives of real Africans who died by the hundreds as porters and scouts and workers as the British tried to drive the Germans out of East Africa. Jump ahead a few decades and my enjoyment of Issac Dinesens great book, “Out Of Africa”.  Karen Blixen is the real life baroness who lived on a farm in the Ngong Hills just outside of Nairobi.  The story is told through the devise of her love afair with the hunter Denys Finch Hatton, and the great artifice of the story is his...

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David Chuchu is coming etc.

If I seem like I am making a big deal of David coming here I probably am.  There are many wonderful pious workers in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya and I appreciate the friendship that I have with John Halake, Bishop Obare and others like the late Mary Okeyo.  Bishop Obare has preached at my churches as has the general Secretary John Halake.  These visits are “big deals” if for no other reason that the perspective we get of how other members of the body of Christ see the world and the work of spreading the Gospel as it unfolds in places we can only dream about if we think about them at all. David will be at St. John’s in PArk Rapids this coming Sunday and at the Pastors conference at Lutheran Island Camp.  If you get a chance to be somewhere where he is look him up up and visit. Share this on:...

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David Chuchu is coming to town.

I understand that David Chuchu the director of Projects for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya and the Director of Diaconal Compassionate Ministries will be preaching at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Park Rapids Minnesota on Sunday October 2, 2011.  David will also be at the Minnesota North Pastors conference.  We will try and keep you up to date as to Davids where abouts.  If you get a chance track him down and visit.  He is a wonderful Christian man and embodies the churches work of mercy in word and deed. go to this link and see more information on David. Share this on:...

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Visitors – the missing picture

I wrote about David Chuchu coming to visit and how the first time I visited Kenya they took us to see a soapstone carving place, (September 21).  I had included a picture of the finshed product, but for some reason the picture seems to have disappeared from the blog.  So here it is (hopefully).  I will leave it big so that you can see the expression on Mary’s face as she seems to be offering the baby to us. Share this on:...

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More images from Minot

Gary Bethke and the team from South Dakota A view in the basement The first time I ever wore a HASMET suit was in New Orleans after Katrina.  These look nice and clean and pretty.  Mine was blue.  They are hot and the work is difficult and smelly.  There is 9 kinds of mold growing in these houses and it is dangerous.   We thank the volunteers and those who are caring for them and feeding them.  If you cannot go to Minot and help perhaps you cans send a donation.  You can send to LCMS World Relief and mark it for Minot Reief our you can send it to the North Dakota District Office.  Address in on their website listed to the right on this blog. Share this on:...

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