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Month: November 2011

“Palm of Your Hand”

 Now that we have fulfilled the Biblical and Presidential mandate and been duly thankful we should probably get back to thinking about true thankfulness and what it entails.  It is a consistent and persistent Biblical emphasis that God’s people give because God gives.  He gives the first article gifts that give us life in this world and He gives the Second Article gift of life in the world to come through His Son and His death on the cross.  We are declared righteous for the sake of Christ and the Biblical principle is that the “righteous” perform righteous acts that are called “alms-giving” (Matthew 6:1-4), and those acts are the real basis for the passages that we use for all kinds of giving to church needs.  We will talk more about this later but….. Alison Krauss is a blue grass singer and one of her songs is a great little exposition of the provision of God’s grace.  It is called “Palm of Your Hand” is this is my cover of her rendition. Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting.   Share this on:...

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Mary Okeyo scholarship fund – more questions and explanations.

We are back after a short break and hope that everyone had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.  We have received a lot of questions and applications for the scholarship fund and have had some questions as well.  So here we go – applications can be sent to – Minnesota North District LCMS P.O. Box 604 Brainerd, MN 56401 or North Dakota District LCMS PO Box 9029 Fargo, ND 58106-9029 If you would like to make a donation and send someone on a trip make checks payable to the Mary Okeyo scholarship fund and send the donation to the North Dakota District Office. Applications will be reviewed and discussed with the Project 24 team and the Distirct Presidents.  The decision as to who shall go will be the decision of the Project 24 Board. The deadline on the application says December 1 – the deadline listed in these blogs in February 1.  February 1 is correct.  We have never done this before and one of the issues is finding a time when students that are in school can actually travel.  this si something new for all of us and we will ahve to adapt and adopt and change as we go along.  There are also provisions that we want to make for a Pastor and other so called “Adult” to go that we are working on.  If you have questions...

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6 degrees of separation – Ada and Twin Valley, Minnesota, the Drevlows, Bud Berglind, the Schultz’ and all kinds of stuff.

This is going to be one of those blogs that you will have to hold onto your hats and follow along. This could get complicated but it’s a perfect expression of the connections and the interwoven fabric of life we lead up in the North country. We came to Grafton and Drayton in 1978.  We arrived a month and a half before our furniture and household possessions did.  Since our clothes were the clothes that we carried in the car the first order of business was getting a washer and a dryer and we asked to have a clothes line set up in the back yard of the parsonage.  One morning we awoke to a lot of noise and a group of people digging a hole and installing a line.  One of the men working on the project was Elmer Schultz.  As I got to know Elmer and his family better his wife would talk about her home in and around Ada Minnesota called Twin Valley, or Green Meadow or something like that. She still had a sister there and her name was Ardis Horn.  Mr’s Schultz, Lola, also told me a story about being a sponsor for a child in the Twin Valley church and how she would bake him a “lamb cake” every year and send it to him on his baptism day.  I thought that was a great idea and that was...

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For the “Planners” Out There

I remember getting into a deep theological discussion about….. wait for it…… planning!  There was some intensity to the discussion too.  The jist of it was that the obsessive compulsives and anal retentives among us were pushing those that are more easy going to “do” metrics and planning types of things to make us more efficient stewards of our time.  I remember going to get the “day timer” back in the day, but I could never find the time to organize it.  I believe in those good First Article gifts that help us to maximize our time and effort but in my world these things simply do not work.  I was slightly appalled at a recent gathering when I noticed a van in the parking lot that was emblazoned with the words, “professional organizer”.  Asking the owner about this line of work I found out that most of it has to do with organizing space, like in my house where we seem to have misplaced the basement, but some of it has to do with organizing the space between peoples ears. Here is my problem.  On the one hand we have those that follow James logic when he writes in chapter 4 -” Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.”...

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Dies Irae – part 2.

       When I was looking at translations of the Dies Irae is was struck by the verse that said -“You Who did Mary’s guilt unbind, and mercy for the robber find, have filled with hope my anxious mind.”  I knew I had seen something like it before and I found it – a portion of Matthew Harrison’s translation of Herman Sasse’s essay on Luther.  Written for the 400th anniversary of his death it is a marvelous exposition on Luther’s fundamental understanding of the human condition before God.  Matt has included it in “The Lonely Way”, published by CPH.  Here is the portion from Sasse that stuck in my mind.  There is only one of the great teachers of the church who possessed the knowledge of human misery, the impotence of man in all spiritual matters, who can be compared to Luther. That is Augustin, the greatest of the church fathers of the old Latin church. He so emphasized the sola gratia, “by grace alone” in a time of the migration of nations to the Christianity of the west, that it could never completely forget it. Still today his mighty praise of the redeeming divine grace rings in the Roman Catholic liturgy when in one of the prayers, which is read by the priest in every mass, God is called upon as the “One who does not regard...

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