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Month: September 2012

Mary Okeyo Revisited

        This little guy doesn’t seem too sure but he is Pastor Molines new friend.  The Kenya Task Force, Bob Wurl and Rev. Moline came back from Kenya.  Bob wrote a nice report and has pictures of Mary Okeyo’s son, husband and daughter.  As you know we have a travel scholarship fund set up in Mary’s memory.  Candice Biocondia who was a recepient is out doing presentations later this morning.  Kyle Novak made one last week.  Dean Lipinski and Mike Henke have been busy and I am sure others are as well.  God bless them and their messages.  Check out Molines report on Share this on:...

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Thoughts on the Church at Tigoi.

After the Kenya Task Force returned they shared this picture of the church at Tigoi.  Yesterdays blog showed the congregation with out children.  It got me to thinking about the worlds of Luther about our beautiful churches and our “life together”.  This is from his sermon on 1 Corinthians 13……………… Of what benefit is it to your neighbor if you build a church entirely out of gold!? Of what benefit to him is the frequent ringing of great church bells? Of what benefit to him is the glitter and the ceremonies in the churches, the priests’ gowns, the sanctuary, the silver pictures and vessels? Of what benefit to him are the many candles and much incense? Of what benefit to him is the much chanting and mumbling, the singing of vigils and masses? Do you think that God will permit himself to be paid with the sound of bells, the smoke of candles, the glitter of gold and such fancies? He has commanded none of these, but if you see your neighbor going astray, sinning, or suffering in body or soul, you are to leave every thing else and at once help him in every way in your power and if you can do no more, help him with words of comfort and prayer. Thus has Christ done to you and given you an example for you to follow....

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The Kenyan Task Force returns………………..

Pastor Moline (sans clergy shirt) and Bob Wurl in Kenya When the North Dakota District and the Minnesota North District adopted the building of three Project 24 Rescue Centers this summer, the North Dakota Distirct President Dr. James Baneck appointed Rev. Moline and Bob Wurl to be the Kenyan Task Force and their “task” is to coordinate the efforts with our partners in Kenya with interested donors and volunteers in North Dakota.   In order to get a sense of the land and people and the ongoing work going on there, they traveled to Kenya on their own “dime” and have returned.  We look forward to their report and will share it in these pages.  This picture was taken at the church at Tigoi. Share this on:...

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Luther – saved to serve.

Luther wrote, every Christian is a priest, who freely performs good works in service of his or her neighbor and in glorification of God.  “Christ has made it possible for us, provided we believe in him, to be not only his brethren, co-heirs, and fellow-kings, but also his fellow-priests,” Luther wrote. And thus, in imitation of Christ, we freely serve our neighbors, offering instruction, charity, prayer, admonition and sacrifice.  We abide by the law of God so far as we are able so that others may see our good work and be similarly impelled to seek God’s grace. We freely discipline and drive ourselves to do as much good as we are able, not so that we may be saved but so that others may be served. We live so far as we are able the life of the Beatitudes, the virtues of poverty, meekness, humility, mercy and peacefulness.  “A man does not live for himself alone,” Luther wrote, “he lives only for others.”  The precise nature of our priestly service to others depends upon our gifts and upon the vocation in which God calls us to use them. n60 But we are all to serve freely and fully as God’s priests.  Such are the paradoxes of human nature, Luther believed. We are at once sinners and saints; we are at once lords and servants. We can do nothing...

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Thoughts on Justice – Luther and Running for the Prize

  Luther wrote about running a race and winning the prize and in so doing he comments on justice as we have been thinking about it.  This is a part of his sermon on 1 Corinthians 9.   I therefore so run, as not uncertainly; so fight I, as not beating the air.” 5. Paul here points to himself as exemplar and hints at the cause of failure, viz., lapse from love and the use of the divine word in a wilful, ambitious and covetous spirit, whereas the faith which worketh by love is lacking. Under such conditions, false and indolent Christians run indeed a merry race; yet God’s Word and ways in which they are so alert and speedy are merely a show, because they make them subserve their own interests and glory. They fail, however, to see that they race uncertainly and beat the air. They never make a serious attempt, nor do they ever hit the mark. While it is theirs to mortify ambition, to restrain their self-will and to enlist in the service of their neighbors, they do none of these things. On the contrary, they even do many things to strengthen their ambition and self-will, and then they swear by a thousand oaths that they are seeking not their own honor but the honor of God, their neighbor’s welfare and not their own. Peter...

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