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Month: January 2013

A Rose By Any Other Name……………..

After the article about Ugali/Ungali I was informed by Dacia Reinke that in Ghana it is called Fue Fue.  A Rose by any other name……..Music on the other hand is a universal language – I found this recording of singing that we did at Ukunda.  Do you know what it is?   Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting. Share this on:...

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The Finer Things In Life. How to Eat Ugali.

Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting. Some of our travelers came back from Kenya and said they never got to eat Ugali.  It is a treat and a real communal exercise.  We have shown this video on this sight before but we are doing it again.  We are taking applications for another Mary Okeyo Scholarship fund trip and we think this might lure some of those sitting on the fence. Share this on:...

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Honoring the Least part 2……

I have received quite a bit of feed back on the blog from yesterday concerming the Park River Pregnancy Help Center (January 28) and the bottle that we handed out in church Sunday.  One wag wrote – “it’s empty”.  Well yes it is but, I have until the 17th of February to fill it up. I also got this response from Maryann Anderson who has contributed before – We have one (bottle) sitting on our organ for the FirstChoice Clinic West in Bismarck.  The Bismarck/Mandan Chapter of Lutherans for Life have been involved in  assisting this worthwhile cause.  Our LFL numbers are dwindling and I wonder  why.  The need to address the life issue from conception to natural death is  needed now more then ever.  My prayer is that more LCMS members would become members of LFL.  We only have two chapters in the State of ND that I am aware of.  One serving the Fargo/Moorhead area and the one here.  I ask all who read  this to remember LFL in their prayers and also the Pregnancy Centers trying to save lives. Decline in membership in all of these things from the LFL to the LWML to the LLL to churches in general is a question that we are asking at all levels of the church.  Part of the reason is that the involved  members are getting older and dying.  The other...

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Honoring the Weakest.

“Annually, the congregations of the LCMS are asked to observe life Sunday during the month of January.  Many of the congregations of our Synod did so last Sunday.  We do so today.  In this morning’s reading from I Corinthians 12, Paul follows up on the passage from last week, in which he assured the Christians in Corinth that God gave His Church the gifts of His Spirit necessary for her to be the Church.  In this morning’s reading he deals with those who are jealous of other’s gifts, as well as with those who consider their gifts to be greater than others.  In his admonition to the Corinthians regarding the body, the Church, Paul touches on a valuable principle regarding life and our responsibility to honor the weakest among us.” So said Pastor Alan Taylor in a sermon based on the epistle lesson for yesterday from 1 Corinthians 12. We have talked about the various ways we can witness ot our faith and serve the neighbor up here in the North Country.  Last week officials of our church marched in Washinton at the march for life rally.  The LCMS has long been a voice for the unborn since Roe V. Wade was unveiled fourty years ago.  Year after year our Church calls for the end of abortion and care for the life from conception to natural death and yet...

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Calling for Applicants

The Kenya Task Force is now accepting applications for the next Mary Okeyo Scholarship Trip to Kenya. The Mary Okeyo trip will take place sometime between May 27th and June 15th, dependent on schedules. We are looking for applications from 18-28 year olds from North Dakota and Minnesota-North District congregations who would like to spend 7-10 days traveling in Kenya with ELCK Deaconesses, visiting Project 24 Rescue Centers (orphanages) and seeing other sites. Airfare is covered by the Mary Okeyo Scholarship Fund, individual travelers are responsible for cost of their passport, vaccinations, travel within Kenya, food and lodging during the trip. Congregations of selected applicants are encouraged to offer financial help.   Share this on:...

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