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Month: April 2013

Mercy and Sending

God sent Paul and Paul found out how much he would have to “suffer for the sake of Christ”.  Paul feels “compelled” to preach because he is an Apostle, one who is sent. I have been going back and studying Romans and I am constantly confronted with this “decision theology” that lurks all around.  It is in all of us and hard to get rid of.  We want to contribute to salvation.  I was struck by Romans constant refrain that it is all the “power of God”.  God send His Word, He sends  His Son, He sends His Spirit and He sends preachers.  God is the sending God. Romans 10:14, “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” The assumption is that if one is to must be preached to in order to believe, then one must also make a conscious decision to believe. Luther takes a different approach to the interpretation of this passage, focusing on where the process ultimately begins. “These four points are so interrelated that the one follows upon the other, and the last is the cause and antecedent of all the others, that is, it is impossible for them to preach unless they are sent;...

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Mercy and the Apostle’s Creed

From Luthers Large Catechism as he comments on the three articles of the Creed Although the whole world has sought painstakingly to learn what God is and what he thinks and does, yet it has never succeeded in the least. But here you have everything in richest measure. In these three articles God has revealed and opened to us the most profound depths of his fatherly heart, his sheer, unutterable love. He created us for this very purpose, to redeem and sanctify us. Moreover… we could never come to recognise the Father’s favour and grace were it not for the Lord Christ, who is the mirror of the Father’s heart. Apart from him we know nothing but an angry and terrible judge. But neither could we know anything of Christ, had it not been revealed by the Holy Spirit. Share this on:...

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Recital at Zion. Not Quite 25 years of beautiful music but counting.

A few days ago I wrote about Dawn Jensen Rathmann and the fact that she has the Minnesota connection and has been in music ministry for 25 years at one church in St. Louis.  Laura Allensworth hasn’t been alive for 25 years but she has her own music ministry of sorts.  She graduates this year and will be going to UND to study music and Education.  She has been singing since she was in grade school and has a magnificent pure soprano voice.  She sang many times at the Lutheran Sunset Home and has been a part of many productions and musicals.  It was because of Laura that I became acquainted with the “Harp Lady”.  I wrote a blog about her on the 17th of April of 2012 which is something of a coincidence.  It is called the Harp Lady and Life Together.  Check it out. Laura is going to have a recital at Zion English Lutheran Church in Grafton tommorow, April 27th at 2 pm.  You are all invited. Share this on:...

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LMI Day and Prayer……..

This is from the Lutheran Malaria Initiative Website – One child in Africa dies every 60 seconds from malaria. In a single 24-hour period – one day – 1,440 people in Africa will succumb to this disease. World Malaria Day offers an opportunity to raise awareness of the devastating effects of this disease and encourage people to join in the worldwide effort to end malaria deaths in Africa. Please join us in a moment of prayer today at 2:40 p.m. (14:40 on a 24-hour clock) as we consider the 1,440 Africans who die each day from malaria and remember in prayer all who suffer from malaria or will lose a child or other family member to the disease. Here is a prayer you could offer at that time: Lord God, our most merciful Father, in this fallen and sinful world death is the constant and impartial enemy of all. We humbly ask you to show mercy on all those who are suffering from malaria today. If it be Your will, restore the afflicted to full health. Surround them in their time of illness with Your love, especially the children who are weak and afraid, through the family and friends who minister to them. Comfort those who have already lost a loved one to malaria or will, especially the parents of young children. By Your power, end this disease. Bless...

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Mercy and teaching

Gerhard Uhlhorn said “God enjoined on us Christians the sacrifice of Mercy not because he needs them but that we may not be unfruitful and unthankful. The gifts that we give to one another, and the care we show for the poor is a teaching tool. We learn the true meaning of the petition in the Lords prayer that we receive our daily bread with Thanksgiving. Uhlhorn said “the whole life of a Christian is a festival, the continuous sacrifice, and the sacrifice consists on the one side in prayer and Thanksgiving, on the other in imparting of our substance to the needy”. This is a beautiful example of witness, mercy, and life together. As our witness to Christ in word and deed takes place, to the proclamation of the Gospel and the giving of the sacraments, Christians learn of the marvelous sacrifice of Christ for them. This impels them and teaches them to give of what they have to others.  This leads to a life together of care and concern for each other in the body of Christ. This is the true circle of life. We learn of God’s great love for us through the church’s proclamation. We share the new life we have in acts of mercy and sacrifice for one another and those who are in need. The circle expands, the witness continues, the teaching is widened,...

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