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Month: August 2015

Project 24 Forum Visits

Bill Sharpe, of the North Dakota District, Karl Webber, vice President of Minnesota North, and Josh Reimche, secretary of the North Dakota District are visiting in Kenya as part of the first Project 24 forum.  These forums are a big deal and a huge difference between how Project 24 operated in the past.  We will explain all of that in future blogs. I believe that this is a center at a place called Kisumu ( please forgive my memory if I am wrong) but when I was there the place was complete but not painted.  Then there was a tornado that tore it down.  It was redone and flooded and then delayed in opening because there was no water.  These kinds of situations were par for the course and we will talk about that in other blogs as well.  Anyway a new day has dawned and here is Bills remarks (I always knew he was English) This forum is going well. They are reporting and discussing well. Planning to open 4 centres next year while improving existing sites. Kissinger has introduced cost sharing with ELCK. There are two new dioceses. Diocese staffs very active Kissinger (Kenyan Project Manager) is really poking these site manager’s for accurate financial info. He’s finding the errors in their reports and being very direct seeking clarification. We need to remember that the churches work is...

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Project 24 Partner Visits

As we have been saying Project 24 has had a reset and is progressing well.  One of the facets of the program is the Bible Club program being implemented to teach the Bible and catechism.  The Bible clubs are competitions and our team was able to visit one of these.  The team is Bill Sharpe, Josh Reimche, pastor at Bottineau ND, and Pastor Webber from Minnesota North.  You can’t make it our from this distance but the red t shirts have Project 24 emblems on them. Share this on:...

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Ukrainian Lutherans Speak

Dr. Collver is in the Ukraine visiting with  the Lutheran churches there.  Interesting history.   We don’t hear a lot about the Russian invasion that is going on now, but the Ukraine has had a tough history.  Lutherans have been there from the beginning and continue their witness to Christ and the Cross.  They are another group of Christians trying to be faithful in the midst of power politics.  They may not be persecuted now but they have been.  Groups that are persecuted can be forgotten if we let them be.  Let us not do that.  Right now around the world Christians are more persecuted than any other religious group.  Speak up. check this out –       Share this on:...

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Last Words

When I was a little boy I was taught that human beings are thinking animals. When I became a teacher of young people I began to realize that they were being taught that they are feeling machines. In “2001 a Space Oddessy ” the computer “Hal” is being unplugged, put to sleep, disconnected, or dying, depending on your perspective. As more and more of his memory is removed he goes back to his creator and sings the first song he was taught, “a bicycle fit for two”. There is something remarkably sad about that scene and the idea of the last conscious thought being the first words uttered. How many folks will go to eternity with their last thought “me” or “mine”? I would like to think that the words might be “please” and “thank you” but that might be too much to hope for. I would hope the last conscious thought would be a prayer.  Luther we pray because of our own and neighbors great need, and thanksgiving for blessings received.  He also said that the Gospel disappears because of unthankfulness.     Share this on:...

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The Room is Dark

“H. G.Wells has a story of a man who is left in a room in a house reputed to be haunted. The terror of the story is furnished by the effect on the man’s mind of a row of candles slowly going out one by one. That story is a picture of what has happened and is happening today to a large number of people. One by one the lights in which they have trusted have gone out. And the room is dark.” So wrote Eric Malte back in 1949. Five years after a terrible war was ended and the tumult of the next decade was about to begin. We experience the same today. There does seem to be a kind of hopelessness that is evidenced strangely enough by the exuberance with which we seem to run around in our lives. Some people think that mercy work is hopeless. Feeding hungry people is hopeless because they get hungry again is the nihilistic attitude exhibited by many who should know better. As Malte continues, “Hope in the New Testament is not a shallow optimism concerning tomorrow. It is not looking at the world and life through rose-colored glasses. Hope for the redeemed and for- given heart is really nothing but our faith extended into tomorrow. A Christian writer once said: “Faith is the first, love the greatest, and hope the...

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