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Month: August 2015

Project 24 Forum Visits

Bill Sharpe, of the North Dakota District, Karl Webber, vice President of Minnesota North, and Josh Reimche, secretary of the North Dakota District are visiting in Kenya as part of the first Project 24 forum.  These forums are a...

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Project 24 Partner Visits

As we have been saying Project 24 has had a reset and is progressing well.  One of the facets of the program is the Bible Club program being implemented to teach the Bible and catechism.  The Bible clubs are competitions and our...

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Ukrainian Lutherans Speak

Dr. Collver is in the Ukraine visiting with  the Lutheran churches there.  Interesting history.   We don’t hear a lot about the Russian invasion that is going on now, but the Ukraine has had a tough history.  Lutherans...

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Last Words

When I was a little boy I was taught that human beings are thinking animals. When I became a teacher of young people I began to realize that they were being taught that they are feeling machines. In “2001 a Space Oddessy...

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The Room is Dark

“H. G.Wells has a story of a man who is left in a room in a house reputed to be haunted. The terror of the story is furnished by the effect on the man’s mind of a row of candles slowly going out one by one. That...

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