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Month: April 2016

The Water Wants to Go to Mombasa.

I have many fond memories of Nairobi and my fist experience of visiting a place that I had read about all of my life.  Nairobi means “cold water”.  The name comes from a Maasai word because they had found a place there to water their herds.  Nairobi is a mile high which surprised me.  It is about the same elevation as Denver Co. We stayed at a quest house there that had a roaring river running through the property.  I remember talking to some folks that said Nairobi was prone to flooding because the rain comes so fast and runs off so fast that drainage was not able to keep up with it.  In the wonderful book “Out of Africa” the heroine tried to make a small damn to irrigate her farm.  The head man helping her run the farm told her it was a mistake because the water wanted to go to Mombasa and he was right. So many people are coming in from the country to try and find a better life in the city.  There is much construction taking place trying to keep up with the demand and often the construction is shoddy and built in places where the build actually damns the flow of the drainage.  The water wants to go to Mombasa and if a building is in the way something has to give.  Yesterday a...

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Project 24 Update 2

It is good to see that latest report that Project 24 Centers are considered a partnership with local communities and congregations.  That was always the intent and it is great to see it working the way it was hoped it would.  There have been trials and tribulations galore, but much progress is being made now. Thanks to all for your support and dedication.   Share this on:...

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Project 24 Update

It is with joyful hearts that we share the news of Project 24 children being baptized and welcomed into God’s family. On March 20th, a special event was held at the Udom site where 24 children were baptized and 26 children were officially confirmed.  It is through the efforts of the site manager, deaconess, Rev. Lokorii and church members that these children received good catechetical instruction and soon desired to be baptized and confirmed. It was a wonderful occasion. As you know, one of the main reasons for building these Project 24 sites was to provide a safe and loving environment for these children. But more importantly, we wanted to encourage these children to have a living relationship with their savior, Jesus Christ. We praise God that He has used this project as well as the workers involved to further His kingdom. What wonderful news it is! Share this on:...

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Defining the Malaise – On the Reading of Old Stuff.

Dr. Erich Fromm, speaking at the 43d meeting of the American Orthopsychiatric Association in April 1966, said: “Theologians and philosophers have been saying for a century that God is dead, but what we confront now is the possibility that man is dead, transformed into a thing, a producer, a consumer, an idolator of other things …. A man sits in front of a bad television program and does not know that he is bored; he reads of Vietcong casualties in the newspaper and does not recall the teachings of religion; he learns the dangers of nuclear holocaust and does not feel fear; he joins the rat race of commerce where personal worth is measured in terms of market values, and is not aware of his anxiety,” (Pastoral Psychology, June 1966, p.57) Share this on:...

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Defining The Malaise

Rise and Fall of Civilizations Not since Islam gulped down half of the Christian church the seventh and eighth centuries has the Christian church suffered such a numerical and geographical defeat as it has in its encounter with the modern-day world. The world we find ourselves in should be easy to classify in terms everyone can understand, and yet we are surrounded by people who will not let us use historical definitions.  Examinations of where we are may lead us to the conclusion that we are finally encountering what Arnold Toynbee called the “worship of collective human power on a worldwide scale”.[1] There was a message of hope for this life in this collective. It seems that societies have assented to this message out of personal hope. If persuasion of personal hope doesn’t work fanaticism, use of force, technological subversion, and downright lying can do the trick.  At the risk of sounding too political think of the fact that what was once the greatest nation on the face of the earth, voted twice for a community organizer who seemed to promise all things to all men.   What we really see going on here is an angry demand for basic human satisfaction. It is been with us for hundreds of years.  It is all around us today in the speeches we hear, the radio and television commercials we watch and...

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