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Month: October 2016

Patience and Tribulation

Luther still has the power to surprise and stun with his insights into human nature.  He has those insights because he was a student of the scriptures.  When we get mad at folks who irritate us, or when we have problems and get impatient, we blame the circumstances.  Luther says the circumstances show us what we are.  He says – “Those speak foolishly who ascribe their anger or their impatience to such as offend them or to tribulation. Tribulation does not make people impatient, but proves that they are impatient. So everyone may learn from tribulation how his heart is constituted.” Share this on:...

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Scarecrows in the Garden.

  Luther spent much of  his time trying to find a gracious God.  Once God opened his heart to sinner being made righteous through Christ and His death, his heart was lightened and lifted.  He recalled the section of the Divine Liturgy when pastor says “lift up you hearts”, and we respond, “we lift them up to the Lord”.  Luther then said that we should always be lifting our hearts. Therefore, singing, talking, and whistling without this lifting up of your heart to God are as much like prayer as scarecrows in the garden are like people. The name and appearance might be there, but the essence is missing.” ― Martin Luther, Faith Alone: A Daily Devotional Share this on:...

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Walther on Welfare/

Walther was the first President of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  He said,  “A Christian congregation cannot simply claim that there are state funds for the poor and homes for them, which they also support . . . Here where Church and State are separated, the church should not allow its sole care for its poor to be taken away.” Walther certainly had in mind the poor within the congregation, but this also extends to the poor and needy outside the congregation. He goes on to say, “Indeed, each individual Christian should demonstrate his kind readiness toward everyone, also toward the stranger (including those of different belief) . . .from ” History Worth Repeating: C.F.W. Walther and Wilhelm Löhe on Mercy and the Church By Samuel P. Schuldheisz Share this on:...

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Reformation Thinking

Paul says that we are a new creation in Christ.  We are free to look at things from a perspective outside of ourselves that is in a spacious place and not crouching in the narrow places.  I am no longer confined to what you think or say about me.  Who I am is determined by what God says of me. He created us by speaking, and he recreated by speaking as well. When God reconciles us to himself by forgiving our sins, he is not employing an accounting trick, but he is giving us a new identity. We are a new creation because he says we are.  We show the paucity of our language when as Lutheran preachers we narrow the Gospel down to the forgiveness of sins. The more expansive view is there if we think about and it is spelled out by Luther in the sixth chief part of the Small Catechism: “Where there is forgiveness of sins there is life and salvation”. Our theology is certain Luther says “And this is the reason why our theology is certain: it snatches us away from ourselves and places us outside ourselves, so that we do not depend on our own strength, conscience, experience, person, or works but depend on that which is outside ourselves, that is, on the promises and truth of God, which cannot deceive.”[1] [1] . ...

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Project 24 and Julie McManus

I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend the past two weeks in Kisumu, Kenya at the Project 24 site, Tumaini.  This is a site that orphan, partial orphan, or high risk girls come to live.  There are 40 girls ranging from age 9-17 living here; they come from all areas in the Lake Diocese.  The girls attend a nearby school where they are currently finishing their studies for the year.  They had exams last week and this Friday, October 28th the school will be closing for the year.  At that time the girls living at Tumaini will head back to their homes until January. I have been able to visit the school, as well as other ELCK (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya) sponsored schools during my time here.  I have also been able to visit two of the girls’ homes. Keep praying for Julie and supporting her and our whole Kenya team as well as the Project 24 sites that exist and are being built. Share this on:...

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