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Month: July 2017

The Wedding Feast

I remember the long walk up a hill to a church in the mountains and attending a wedding in Africa.  This was the spot where the reception would be held.  The silhouette of this women intrigues me every time I see it.  She is...

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The Thankful Heart

Luther says – The Gospel is nothing but pure mercy. For he forgives you the debt, not because of your works and merit, but because he pities your cries, complaints and humiliation. This means that God has regard for an...

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J.S. Bach Commemoration

Over the cliff from the Wartburg Castle where Luther translated the Scriptures into German is the town of Eisenach.  There you can find the Bach house and hear glorious music that he created.  I was in Germany for a Bach...

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Inclusive and Exclusive Gospel.

(We have to continue to witness to) the fact that God’s grace is as wide and as inclusive as man’s need, that the kingdom of heaven is given to the poor, to the beggars who bring nothing but their need to God, the...

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The Politically Correct Luther

Luther, Lectures on Galatians ( 1535 ), 295 –96 : “Whoever falls from the doctrine of justification is ignorant of God and is an idolater. Therefore it is all the same whether he then returns to the Law or to the worship of...

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