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Month: August 2017

Thanks for the Bibles

Got this yesterday.  Can’t download the movie but got a picture. Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya! I hope that you are all well in the Lord. I wanted to let you know that I am back from maternity leave and am continuing on with my work with Project 24 and Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya. I will be sending an updated newsletter soon, however, I wanted to take this opportunity to email you one short video of our children at Project 24: Tumaini singing praises to God. A church in the United States sent funds to purchase a Bible for each child in our 5 children’s boarding facilities. Kissinger was the special deliverer of these Bibles and was able to capture their thanks and songs of praise for this gift. We are so happy that each child now has his/her very own copy of God’s word. This coincides with our pledge to care for the children spiritually. We thank and praise God for partners like you who are spreading the word about our programs here in Kenya. Your sister in Christ, Britt Odemba Share this on:...

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Unprecedented Disaster – How to Respond

An emergency meeting of disaster response and LCMS World Relief and Human Care was called on Monday to find the best way the church can respond to what is happening in Huston and across South. President Harrison, (center) presided over the meeting with Ross Johnson, (far left) Disaster Response Coordinator.  The LCMS has been in communication with the Texas District President. According to an initial assessment of the Houston area from LCMS Texas District President Rev. Ken Hennings: More than 105 LCMS congregation members have water in their homes, and at least 30 have been evacuated from their homes. Two LCMS churches are flooded: St. John Lutheran Church, Cypress, Texas, has water in three of its buildings, and Memorial Lutheran Church, Katy, Texas, has water in its offices, preschool building, sanctuary and welcome center. Six others have roof leaks and three have minor damage. Five Synod pastors have flooded homes. Three LCMS church staff/teachers have flooded homes, and three more have been evacuated from their homes. “There is no doubt that these numbers will be going up,” Hennings wrote in an Aug. 28 email to LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, since the initial assessment does not include the also hard-hit Corpus Christi, Rockport and coastal areas. LCMS World Relief and Human Care developed a protocol for situations like these years ago.  The Synod works through Pastor and congregations...

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Harvey Responses.

The images of the women in the nursing home sitting in water up to their necks,  and a picture of a lone dog carrying a bag of dog food up a wet street are images that stand out in the disaster in Texas. Today rescue folks and people who know what they’re talking about or trying to remind people that the recovery from this is going to take years.   This is the kind of event where everybody can be in trouble. Insurance companies are in trouble. Oil and gas refineries are shut down. The economic impact of the shutdown of the fourth largest city in the  United States has implications that are impossible to see right now but will become quite clear in the days ahead. The flood of 97 in Grand Forks shows how even with our modern communications it is sometimes difficult to keep track of people. Pastors were separated from their churches, individuals were taken from their homes, nursing homes evacuated, and handicap people were moved into different areas.   In the confusion folks were calling Pastor’s asking if they could check out nursing home or evacuation shelters to find a loved one or a parishioner. Those were some of the mundane  things that were going on and when you stringing them all together it was almost impossible for people to look ahead to clean up...

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Help After Harvey.

The area around Houston has a larger population than the entire population of 25 states.  Some have said that a trillion gallons of water  dumped on that area by hurricane Harvey. These pictures are residents of a nursing home and are stunning. They bring back memories of Lutheran Church Missouri Synod World Relief and Human Care days and the efforts that were made after Katrina. The government of course has his hands full with the ongoing disaster,  and the Red Cross will be there over the short term.   Salvation Army does wonderful work but disaster workfrom church Missouri Synod comes in after the original responders are gone, and the ongoing needs  are identifiied and what work still needs to be done. The world relief concept is to help the congregations and then use the congregation as a force multiplier to go out in the community and help others. Everything I’m seeing hearing,  and reading say that this could be the biggest natural disaster in the history of the United States even when we count Katrina. The work of clean up and the help needed will last for years. We know that from experience in North Dakota and Minnesota. Disasters are never to be wished for, and we pray every Sunday that we would be kept safe from fire and flood and civil unrest.   Count the blessings of...

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Diffident and Careless vs Reflecting Glory

  When God draws the sinner into his chosen people through the word of grace which has worked justifying Faith, that act of God does not license the sinner withdrawal from the world, pride in his status, neglect of his fellow believer, diffidence and carelessness concerning the attacks on Christian faith and life which are always launched against them. We are to give Glory to God.  Our life is to be a “doxology”.  Doxology can only be performed by those who stand in God’s presence and  share in his glory. It is a reaction to their access to his glory. It  is ‘nothing but a reflection of God’s glory. By it we  acknowledge his glorious presence and announce it to those who do not yet have access to God’s glory.   Share this on:...

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