21 of North Dakota’s 53 counties are federal disaster areas.  The communities of Bismarck/Mandan are dealing with excessive amounts of water from rains in western North Dakota and eastern Montana in recent weeks.  This water flows through the  Missouri River system and is normally controlled by the Garrison Dam.  This year there is so much water that the dam is releasing HUGE  amounts of water and it is raising a ruckus downstream.  The radio is reporting at least 1000 homes will be flooded.  1500 ND Guard troops have been activated.  Some reports say that it may take most of the summer to move the water downstream. The goal is to fill 4,000,000 sandbags.

As  of this morning, I am aware of two LCMS members of Messiah, Mandan who are sandbagging or evacuating their homes.  I know of one LCMS business that is sandbagging.  Messiah, Mandan has 2 RV’s with hookups (they have 3 hookups available) available for folks to use.  Plesae remember the people of these communities in your individual and corporate prayers.