Minot Youth Home devastated,
main campus must be cleaned

Fargo, June 30, 2011: Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch wishes to acknowledge and thank everyone who has expressed concern for our ministry due to the flooding in Minot, N.D. Flood waters are receding, but through July 4, the water will be at historic levels and above flood stage.

The Ranch has lost its Minot Community Youth Home, located near downtown Minot and home to male children with addiction issues.

The ministry is blessed as the main campus, located four miles northwest of Minot, has less property damage then we could have sustained. The Ranch’s dikes were raised six feet and held, which protected much of the residential part of campus.

The main campus has water issues in four of the five cottages, and one administration building. It also had sewage backup in two cottages, which was able to be contained.

In the entire area, many sewer line breaks, and now water line breaks have occurred. Unfortunately, a number of these breaks cannot be fixed as they are under water. Therefore, access to and use of water is extremely limited. The campus will not have running water for several more weeks.

Prior to the flooding, the Ranch evacuated all children from the Minot programs to their facilities in Bismarck and Fargo. It is unlikely that the children will be back on campus until late July or early August.

Over the next week, DBGR will be assessing all damage and the impact on its operations. After that assessment is complete, a more substantial update will be provided on the ministry and its work with at-risk children and families.

With regard to the Ranch’s staff, we have many whose homes have been inundated with water and/or sewage. We are compiling a list to determine how we may best assist them.

It has been reported that more than 4,100 homes in Minot are inundated with water, and that at least 20 percent of these homes have so much water they cannot be repaired and sadly, will have to be demolished.

We appreciate everyone’s continued prayers and support at this time.

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is a Recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and is an Affiliated Social Ministry Organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.