On January 22-25, the North Dakota District met in convention. Many good things came out of this convention. One of the most joyful and exciting things at our Convention in Grand Forks was the convention’s overwhelming support and enthusiasm for Project 24, partnering with ELCK, and the Lutheran Malaria Initiative.

First of all – the congregations collected an offering in the months preceding the convention for Project 24. The offering came in just a little short of $20,000!!! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! This was fantastic.

Four major resolutions were passed in support. The first was the Mary Okeyo Scholarship fund, named after a beloved deaconess in Kenya who was called to glory this past year. This resolution supported a scholarship fund for youth/young adults to go on Mercy Trips to Kenya.

Another resolution stated that the North Dakota District want to partner with ELCK, as ND’s missionary partner. With this, the North Dakota District covenanted to support three orphanage rescue center sites with Project 24 in partnership with the MNN District, taking this to their convention yet this year.

Still another resolution encouraged the congregations to support and contribute toward the Lutheran Malaria Initiative. This too passed with overwhelming acclamation.

Finally, the district covenanted to send one pastor and one layperson to Kenya every year in this triennium to experience Project 24, to see and witness our three rescue centers, and to return home with a renewed mission heart and passion.

All this is not just talk – but as President Harrison said at our convention, “Let’s go!” And going we are! My wife and I are overjoyed to be taking five young adults and one pastor to Kenya this June to begin what we said we desired to do! Another group is looking at going in January 2013. As we are partnering with MNN, there will be individuals on these Mercy Trips from both districts each time.

I pray your continued prayers and financial support as we do this marvelous thing together! It takes dollars, yes, but these dollars are a mere investment in the eternal welfare of so many. The “ministry return” on our dollars far exceeds what we can humanly comprehend.

Let the work begin! Let the partnerships begin!

Indeed, this is Galatians 2:20 in action – “I am crucified with Christ. I no longer live, but Christ now lives in me.”