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It is 28 below zero this morning and still dart and I am wondering if the vehicle will start so I can get to church.  Baptism today at one congregation.  Re read Franzmann –

One of the great gifts of the Church and to the Church was Martin Franzmann.  He had a wonderful way with words and an amazing turn of phrase.  Just before he died in 1976 he described his fellow human beings of that decade as “melancholy myopics”.  He wrote a wonderful meditation in 1963 on the New Year. Looking back in history at that New Year and that decade  I wonder if he realized that what would transpire in it caused the myopic melancholia he describes later in the 70’s.  Anyway he bases his meditation on Colossians 1 and the great hymn to Christ

Every good thing which the Gospel has wrung even from unwilling man: sanitation, the
care for the halt, the maimed, and the blind; all the wonders of medicine; our care
of the deaf, the crippled, the retarded, the handicapped; our care for the widows,
the orphans, and the aged. And this wonderful thing in the Western world, our
reverence for the child. These things consist by Him.