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Month: August 2011

Prayer is a “Christian Duty”

Luther listed prayer as one of the “Christian duties”.  “Along with almsgiving, or doing  good to our neighbor, it is also our Christian duty to pray. For, just as the necessities of the present life demand that we do good to our neighbor and sympathize with him in his need (for that is why we live together upon earth, so that one may serve and help the other); so, because we are daily exposed in this life to all manner of danger and need, that we cannot avoid or turn aside, we must also ever call upon God and seek for help, both for ourselves and everyone else. But as proper almsgiving is a rare thing in the world, not only because of the common robbing and stealing that abound in the world, as no one does good to his neighbor, and everybody scratches on his own dung-pile, and does not ask how his neighbor gets along; but also because if they do a good deed, they seek only their own interests thereby; so that thus the world is nothing else than a set of robbers and thieves, both on the right and left, both bodily and spiritually, both in bad works and good; just so now is praying a rare thing, that no one does but Christians, and yet it was such a common thing in the world,...

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Pastor Maland – Recovery and Recuperation

I wrote about Pastor Maland in a blog on July 30.  I have heard from Maryann Anderson that Pastor is home and will recuperate there.  She writes, Pastor Maland is home. Chris (his wife) is also going back to college so members of St. Paul’s will be taking turns staying with him during this time. They are planning on a community wide Spaghetti Supper and silent auction to help with the expenses. That will be happening on Sept. 25th.  If you have anything to donate to the auction that would be great.  If you are hungry for spaghetti show up and eat.  It will be held at the Community Center in Henning and the Lions Club and Thrivent will be helping as well. Also, a fund has been established at 1st National Bank in Henning, MN. Donations may be sent to the bank (please indicate for Randy Maland) – the address is 512 Douglas Av. Henning MN 56551. If you need more information contact Marlene Stueve at PO Box 541 Henning 56551 or give her a call at 218-583-4764.   Continue to pray for Pastor and the congregation members that will be caring for him in the days ahead.  Share this on:...

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The Sign – thank you again

Well folks do pay attention – getting questions about the quilt and the paper sign in the picture for “Thank You Again”. When my wife came home from the hospital there was a paper sign that said “Welcome Home, Bloom with your garden and get well soon”. It was signed by all sorts of people that bought flowers and plants and then came over and planted them so that my wife would have some flowers to look at as she recuperated. We have tried to send thank you cards but I am not sure that in the turmoil that was June and a large part of July that I wrote down all who did so much with flowers, meals, gift cards and someone who gave a very generous gift of gas from a local station. They did it anonymously so I have no way of thanking them. There was a three week period where I was driving 100 miles a day two and sometimes three times a day and the fact that gas was at $3.89 a gallon was a problem. I also know that other people go through this too and don’t have the help and kindness that we were so generously given. I feel a bit queasy about that but nevertheless I am thankful. At any rate, I want to thank all who showed their concern and...

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6 Degrees of Separation – Kristin Nistler, Rev. Zellers and John Halake

Remember we talked about trying to document our connections and I mentioned the 6 degrees of separation theory.  It’s in the July 11th blog on Pastor Carnicom and the July 30th blog on Pastor Maland, both serving in Minnesota North.  That gives you an idea about how this works.  This one is complicated so….. John Halake is the General Secretary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya.  He works with David Chu Chu to make sure that projects are funded and carried out properly.  He was at the meeting when Project 24 was created by Bishop Obare.  The Project 24 guys present at the meeting were, Bill Sharpe, executive secretary of the North Dakota Distirct, Ed Bean who at that time was working for the ND District, Bob Wurl from Hankinson, Kurt Daudt from Isanti Minnesota and me.  When we returned home Roger Weinlaeder and Mark Hatloy also joined up and became part of the action.  Roger had already helped in the building a dormitory that we consider the start of the Project 24 centers and Mark and Roger traveled to Kenya and purchased land that would ultimately become, through a lot of winding and wending, the Ukunda Center (see the Ukunda Tree, April 15th). My interest in the different ways we “do” mission and mercy work was picqued when I visited St. Andrews in West Fargo ND.  I found out that...

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