Well folks do pay attention – getting questions about the quilt and the paper sign in the picture for “Thank You Again”.

When my wife came home from the hospital there was a paper sign that said “Welcome Home, Bloom with your garden and get well soon”. It was signed by all sorts of people that bought flowers and plants and then came over and planted them so that my wife would have some flowers to look at as she recuperated.

We have tried to send thank you cards but I am not sure that in the turmoil that was June and a large part of July that I wrote down all who did so much with flowers, meals, gift cards and someone who gave a very generous gift of gas from a local station. They did it anonymously so I have no way of thanking them. There was a three week period where I was driving 100 miles a day two and sometimes three times a day and the fact that gas was at $3.89 a gallon was a problem. I also know that other people go through this too and don’t have the help and kindness that we were so generously given. I feel a bit queasy about that but nevertheless I am thankful.

At any rate, I want to thank all who showed their concern and I appreciate all you did and Faye wants to share those sentiments with me. Folks that sent notes on this blog site are appreciated as well. Thanks again and again.  It was inspirational.