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Month: January 2012

Connections – grief and partnerships.

  We have tried to show the ways that we are connected to the body of Christ in so many ways up here in the North country.  This announcement comes from Kansas but Pastor Geske grew up in Thief River Falls and was a good friend of Pastor Eckstein from Jamestown who also grew up there.  We remember the Pastor and family and congregation in our prayers.  Pastor Jeffrey Geske from the Christ the King Luthern Church and his family were traveling along Interstate 70 near Topeka Saturday afternoon, when an on-coming car crossed the grassy median and hit them head-on. Geske’s wife Laura was killed in the crash, as were two of his three children, 3-year-old Joy Geske, and 8-year-old Joshua Geske. Pastor Geske was hurt, as was 3-year-old Jacob Geste. Jacob is Joy’s twin brother. Both were transported to a Topeka hospital, and have since been released. When the congregation gathered for Sunday services, Lay Minister Dennis Hill officiated. Those who had not yet heard the news were stunned when he announced what had happened. You can read more at Share this on:...

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Jerim Otieno Onanda RIP +

We have been working with partners to try and work out transportation difficulties for the Pastors, evangelists and deaconness’ in the ELCK for a while now.  Those who have not been to Kenya do not know the issues involved in simply visiting the sites where Pastoral ministry and worship take place.  Some of the roads are so awful that I wonder if even a motor bike is a good idea.  Pastor Onanda was a dedicated servant of the Lord – I remember meeting him in passing a while back.  We ask God’s blessings on his family and those he gave Pastoral care too.  This is from David. Last night The Lord finally called Pastor Jerim Otieno  Onanda home. Jerim died after developing kidney problem following a road accident he had last week.  Jerim was involved in a road accident as he was riding his motorbike after attending morning pastoral instructions at Nyimbi special school and he has been in great pain. We tried all that was possible but the Lord wanted him home. We wait now to join him when out time comes. Jerim leaves behind Millicent his wife with three children Anjeline 10,  Matilda 7 and Martin 5 and Millicent is expecting. Jerim is a pastor in ELCK, and has been working with Diakonia Compassionate Ministry as an outreach worker and team leader. He was also the leader...

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You Say Ukunda – I say Faraga – Project 24 Centers and the Mary Okeyo Scholarship fund.

 I do not want to make any noise like I am criticizing.  These are ELCK Projects and they operate on their own timetables – we Americans get impatient and want everything done yesterday.  This is one of the first centers that we had worked on and it seems like it took a long time to get done even by “Africa Time” standards.  You can read about the trials and tribulations by going back over the blog site from the beginning. Anyway we had heard that the hold up’s were caused by the Government and so we asked to see the official in charge.  After some discussion and a visit we realized that progress had been made since last February – a new security fence and gate, flush toilets inside and a good outhouse  and cook shack have all been completed.  There was no reason that the place should not be up and running except that David and other officials do not have the transportation to go down and do inspections and keep the ball moving forward. We saw upon our return home the final list of stuff that needed to be purchased.  It included “puppy” (made me wonder until I realized it was puddy), food preparation items etc.  John Fale preached at a church in Illinois that wrote out a check for the remainder and as far as I...

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Project 24 Centers and the Mary Okeyo Scholarship fund -Udom – Udom

The Udom Rescue center is also one of the great stories.  Most of the centers were built around a church and a school.  Udom was built around a school and a church developed because if the rescue center?  The Udom center was built by a former missionary and his wife in memory of a young boy they befriended in the mission field years ago.  In his culture he was shunned because his mother died in child birth.  Our missionaries cared for him and taught him the Gospel, but lost track of him when they came home. We toured the center last February and you can see video by going to  – and scrolling down the page. Share this on:...

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The Mugging

The Pietists out there might as well stop reading right now – this will irritate you.  I had a monkey mug me on the balcony of the place we stayed in Mombasa.  He went for the Tusker beer and my pipe tobacco.  When I tried to chase him away he got feisty with me.  He could take my glasses or my wallet, but don’t mess with my beer.   Evolutionists say that man and the apes had a common ancestor.  Of course as a Christian I don’t believe that but…… we do share certain tastes. Share this on:...

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