We have tried to show the ways that we are connected to the body of Christ in so many ways up here in the North country.  This announcement comes from Kansas but Pastor Geske grew up in Thief River Falls and was a good friend of Pastor Eckstein from Jamestown who also grew up there.  We remember the Pastor and family and congregation in our prayers. 

Pastor Jeffrey Geske from the Christ the King Luthern Church and his family were traveling along Interstate 70 near Topeka Saturday afternoon, when an on-coming car crossed the grassy median and hit them head-on. Geske’s wife Laura was killed in the crash, as were two of his three children, 3-year-old Joy Geske, and 8-year-old Joshua Geske.

Pastor Geske was hurt, as was 3-year-old Jacob Geste. Jacob is Joy’s twin brother. Both were transported to a Topeka hospital, and have since been released.

When the congregation gathered for Sunday services, Lay Minister Dennis Hill officiated. Those who had not yet heard the news were stunned when he announced what had happened.

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