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Month: June 2012

It’s Not Funny But ……………………………………………

There is nothing funny about wildfires or being evacuated from your home.  I have friends and former members of my church who can see the fires from their kitchen windows.  Life is full of issues and tribulation but to have to evacuate because someone deliberately set a fire like this is truly an abomination. Yet there is always a person or two that can bring a smile or a laugh even in the worst situations which is probably what we need at a time like that.  My brother is in Denver and sent me this picture from the evacuation of a housing division in Colorado Springs. Remember these people in prayer. Proverbs 14:13 King James Version (KJV) 13 Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful; and the end of that mirth may be heaviness. Share this on:...

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Mary Okeyo Scholarship Travelers – they are back – Tianna Tosel

Tianna Tosel wrote the following about her experience.  She also sent a beautiful picture of her and some children, that I can’t get to download to my files.  I am hoping she sends another one and I will post a different picture here. Here are her thoughts – Each day of the mercy experience in Kenya I had one common thought, “our Lord is so great”. We met wonderful people, heard children proclaim his word to beautiful music, marveled at his remarkable landscapes, witnessed individuals dedicating each minute of their work to the glory of God’s name, and learned of great partnerships that are growing between LC MS and ELCK. Although there’re many hardships and obstacles Kenyans face each day, I was amazed at the strength they received from turning to God in every trouble and the thanks they give him in every joy. This mercy experience caused me to reflect on my own life here at home and look at everything around me. It has forever impacted the way I live as a Christian. I kept a journal as I traveled throughout Kenya.   I wrote some of the most impacting things I learned along the way. I’d  like to share a few of them with you. 1.  The eyes of a child of the same all around the world they sparkle with the love of God. When a child believes...

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Mary Okeyo Scholarship Travelers – they are back.

I’m not sure how many school supplies were handed out on this trip – ingatherings were held at Candices’ school, at Martin Luther School, at Elbow Lake Minnesota and at other places.  Also the gift from the Concordia Gospel outreach, so what ever it was, it was a lot.  Thanks everyone. Share this on:...

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The Partnership with Concordia Gospel Ministry and Mary Okeyo Travelers.

They packed it around the world.  I don’t know how manyy pounds but it was a lot – I brought stuff back from an ingathering in Minnesota at Elbow Lake and Cheryl Peterson had some as well.  Candace had a bunch from her church and school.  We divvied it up among the travelers and sent some books from Concordia Gospel Ministries as well.  They were by all accounts well received. Share this on:...

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They are Back – the Mary Okeyo Scholarship fund travelers – Rev. Geddings

Pastor Geddings serves at Cross-Pointe Lutheran in Fargo.  I took this from his blogspot –  you can rad more there.  The picture is from Candice Bicondoa of a home visit. One of the highlights of the trip and again something I hope I never forget throughout my pastoral career. We met some deaconesses that serve various parishes of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya in order to accompany them on home visits.  In Kenya, deaconesses go through two years of training (for which they pay) and then often serve without any compensation. These are truly remarkable women who love the Lord and love the people around them with much mercy and compassion and sacrifice. They make home visits; care for orphans, widows, the sick, and the poor; they teach Sunday School; they set up the altar area for Sunday morning worship; and they probably do countless other tasks that further the work of God through the ministry of His church. On Tuesday, we made three home visits that were each extremely special and simultaneously heart-breaking and up-lifting. We walked between each home as the three were all within what we would consider a couple blocks, but there were no sidewalks or manicured yards or curbs so we had to wind our way through muddy paths, puddles, and plots of corn. At the first house we met Pemina. She...

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