Tianna Tosel wrote the following about her experience.  She also sent a beautiful picture of her and some children, that I can’t get to download to my files.  I am hoping she sends another one and I will post a different picture here. Here are her thoughts –

Each day of the mercy experience in Kenya I had one common thought, “our Lord is so great”. We met wonderful people, heard children proclaim his word to beautiful music, marveled at his remarkable landscapes, witnessed individuals dedicating each minute of their work to the glory of God’s name, and learned of great partnerships that are growing between LC MS and ELCK.

Although there’re many hardships and obstacles Kenyans face each day, I was amazed at the strength they received from turning to God in every trouble and the thanks they give him in every joy.

This mercy experience caused me to reflect on my own life here at home and look at everything around me. It has forever impacted the way I live as a Christian. I kept a journal as I traveled throughout Kenya.   I wrote some of the most impacting things I learned along the way. I’d  like to share a few of them with you.

1.  The eyes of a child of the same all around the world they sparkle with the love of God. When a child believes in Jesus Christ as their dear Father they have the spirit and joy to spread to others.

2.   A home that is built with faith and trust in God as the foundation and is filled with thanks and praise to His Holy Name will never crumble nor fall. Throughout the mercy experience I learned that weather houses made of mud, Stone or wood; whether big or small, old or new, clean or dirty does not matter. None of these matter because as long as love is found it is a joyful home.

3.   Things will happen in Gods time. Take time to enjoy fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Truly ENJOY it.  Allow yourself to be interrupted to help others; the friendship you share the deserves the  time.

4.   The length time has no significance. Changing a life can be as quick as a smile.

5.   Words cannot express the beauty of God’s creation. I cannot begin to grasp the love He has showered on his people all around the world; here in America, in the country of Kenya,  and everywhere in between. God blesses everyone in many different ways.

As I write this reflection on my experience I realize how I could write an endless entry. The people I have met and the memories made will be forever stitched on my heart. It is wonderful to know that all around the world people have faith in the One True God. I pray that this wonderful project and the relationship between churches will remain strong and continue to provide individuals with remarkable mercy experiences. I am forever thankful to have had the opportunity to travel to Kenya. Thank you to all who made our experience possible!