I wrote this in July of 2011 – hard to believe.

“This little site is designed to help us to see how the body of Christ functions, communicates, works, struggles and cares up here, in this part of God’s creation. Up North, where you might see the Northern Lights, we are hoping to give glimpses of God’s light shining in our hearts as we “live together as Christ’s people”. We hope to hear from those people in the months and years ahead as paths “cross” and partnerships are formed and we witness, show mercy and share our “life together” in Christ.”  I keep going back to this statement that I wrote when we started this blog site.  There are so many things that churches are doing corporately to show the love of Christ in the world.  There are so many things that groups are doing to show the love of God in the world and so many things that individuals are doing too.  I am stunned at the programs and projects that the Board of International Missions looks at that take place all around the world.  I am completely amazed when I hear of the different projects that individuals are involved with.  We want to encourage all of that and at the same time focus on things that we can to together.

The Lutheran Womens Missionary League has always been a great source of inspiration and help to me in many ways.  There is a true partnership with the LWML at all levels from the congregational units to the District to the Synod.  At least there should be.  Kay Kreklau from Drayton North Dakota was recently elected to be the President of the national LWML at Peoria.  I served as the counselor for the LWML and can attest to the meticulous care that they take with their mites and figuring out how best to use these gifts to extend the work of “mission and mercy”.  I have participated in retreats and presentations with the LWML of the Minnesota North District and I continue to be impressed with their commitment to bring the lost and erring into fellowship with Christ and to strengthen the faith and prayer life of their members.  I am getting to know Cheryl Petersen who is the LWML President in Minnesota North.  Dorothy Abrahamson of MN North can tell you all about the length and breath of the projects that these women undertake.  Sue Corwin the President of the North Dakota District LWML is a quiet example of service and caring.  Joan Johnson my friend from Grand Rapids is an example of the LWML’s evangelical soul.   Kay will be a great servant leader for this organization and I look forward to all kinds of partnerships.

So I called Kaye and asked her for some reflections on being an LWML District President and some thoughts about Sue Corwin from North Dakota and Cheryl Petersen from Minnesota North.  I went to the websites one day and their pictures and names were gone and the new servant leaders had taken their places.  This is what Kaye said =

One day you are an LWML District President with hours of emails to answer and a to-do list that seems endless. Then, your four year term is over and your email box is empty and your to-do list does not include a long list of LWML duties.

Last week, two incredible LWML women retired as LWML DPs, Susan Corwin, North Dakota District and Cheryl Petersen, Minnesota North District. These two women served our Lord with gladness for four years leading their districts to collect mites to support missions, to encourage Bible study, and to support our LCMS church. Sue and Cheryl were the link to the national LWML organization and participated annually in LWML Board of Directors, plus leading their own Executive Committees in their districts.

In addition to being presidents these two women support the youth of our districts, are Sunday school teachers, Bible study leaders, cooks in the kitchen, and have families to support. God blesses our church through women like Sue and Cheryl. They are tireless in their service to our Lord, be it at home or in the mission field.

I look forward to seeing what great future plans God has for Sue and Cheryl! For now, ladies, please take a much needed rest and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Kaye gives a unique perspective and I am going to miss these women.  By the way both of them made me walk all the way around the convetion hall to come up on the right side of the podium to speak.  Must be a president thing.

Sue behind “flat Jan” (you had to be there) at a Board meeting.

Cheryl on the Kenya Trip