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Month: May 2013

Witness and Mercy and Governments.

I think I finally figured out why we are in the mess we are.  Why are we confused about the government and its role in our life?  What are we to do as Christians when Government becomes basically lawless?  The President is bound by Law to produce a budget and he didn’t for four years.  There are laws against illegal immigration and they have not been and are not being enforced.  There was an article the other day that said that hundreds of thousands of Federal workers are not paying income tax.  I think I will try that this year and see what happens. IRS leaders have clearly crossed the line.  Department of Justice leaders have clearly crossed the line.  Most Christians believe that abortion is legalised murder and the list goes on.  There is no way to look at the health care law without looking at the 7th commandment. So what are we to do?  Should we insist on the government running on the 10 Commandments?  We have tried that.   This is from Hermann Sasse – That final and ultimate proof that Protestant modernism is the end result of Christian legalism is clearly demonstrated in its confusion of the Law and the Gospel.  If Jesus Christ is to be understood basically as a teacher and giver of the Law, then there is no need for the old church dogma about his...

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The Mary Okeyo Travelers – Stephanie Dilger

My name is Stephanie Dilger. I live in Mandan, North Dakota. A member at Messiah Lutheran Church in Mandan. I am a live-in care giver for my sister, Kristi. I am the younger if two daughters of Roger and Joann Dilger. I have two spoiled cats. I enjoy singing in our church choir. I like to scrapbook. I have also taken a pilgrimage trip to Israel. Share this on:...

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The Mary Okeyo Travelers – Nichole

          My name is Nichole Anderson and I am 22 years old *I am from Appleton, MN where I graduated from Lac qui Parle Valley High School in 2009 *Trinity Lutheran Church in Appleton is my home church *My parents are Wes and Karen Anderson, and I have a brother, Nathan, who is 20 *Attend school at Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD where I will graduate in December 2013 with a degree in K-12 Vocal & Instrumental Music Education *The NSU Marching Wolves marched in the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade in Washington D.C. this past January *I teach math labs at NSU and also work in the President/Vice President/Academic Affairs office *I am traveling to China in May to perform with my college’s music department *My family owns WD Tours, a travel company. My favorite destinations include: Hawaii, Alaska, New York City, Washington D.C., and the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena California (I have helped decorate a float for this parade working with Lutheran Hour Ministries). Share this on:...

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Mercy and the LWML – can you help?

  Hope Village Volunteer Packet As an LWML District, we are planning to a have a special Servant Event to  help give more flood disaster relief to our Minot friends and  neighbors.  We are looking at the date of August 9-11.  Chantel Zeller,  VP of Human Care, has been diligently working to set this up with the  manager at Hope Village in Minot.  Please read her message carefully and fill out the attached forms and send  hem back to her asap, noticing the deadline of June 8.   We currently have 7 people committed, but would certainly like to see  that number grow to at least 20…please pray about this wonderful  opportunity.  We encourage spouses to attend with you…two or three of  our 7 are spouses as of now.  Please contact Chantel soon that you can attend!! Share this on:...

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In Memorium

The roots of memorial day run deep and the need to remember gets greater even as the number of those that remember decline.  Younger generations don’t seem much interested in things like Memorial day or even family reunions for that matter. Found this little piece written by Craig Watts With pounding insistence the call to remember is repeated throughout scripture. Remember that God called your father Abraham in his old age and promised him many children. Remember that you were in bondage in a foreign land and were freed by divine power. Remember that God brought Israel to greatness, though she was weak. Remember the commands of the Lord. The Psalmist summed up the message well when he wrote: “Remember the wonderful works that God has done, God’s great deed, and the judgments the Lord utter, O offspring of Abraham God’s servant.” (105:5) Those who forgot the past fell into thanklessness. It is unlikely that we will do any better. If we forget the value of our heritage and the source of our blessings, it will become very easy for us to take for granted all that we have and all that we are. It will be very easy for us to begin believing that we can make our own way without God. With the blindness of pride we will very likely begin trusting in our own wisdom and power...

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