Cartoon lawless Gov

I think I finally figured out why we are in the mess we are.  Why are we confused about the government and its role in our life?  What are we to do as Christians when Government becomes basically lawless?  The President is bound by Law to produce a budget and he didn’t for four years.  There are laws against illegal immigration and they have not been and are not being enforced.  There was an article the other day that said that hundreds of thousands of Federal workers are not paying income tax.  I think I will try that this year and see what happens. IRS leaders have clearly crossed the line.  Department of Justice leaders have clearly crossed the line.  Most Christians believe that abortion is legalised murder and the list goes on.  There is no way to look at the health care law without looking at the 7th commandment. So what are we to do?  Should we insist on the government running on the 10 Commandments?  We have tried that.   This is from Hermann Sasse –

That final and ultimate proof that Protestant modernism is the end result of Christian legalism is clearly demonstrated in its confusion of the Law and the Gospel.  If Jesus Christ is to be understood basically as a teacher and giver of the Law, then there is no need for the old church dogma about his person and work.  Such a moralistic view of Christianity no longer requires a definition of the Gospel which depends on Christ’s redemptive death and resurrection.  With this kind of understanding, the church is nothing more than a one huge, immense reformatory school.   Her claim to existence would depend on the principles of morality she promotes and the ethical behavior which they produce.  If it seems that Christianity does not live up to the expectations of these moral principles, then all the evidence is in place for doing away with Christianity.  We would fair better to look around for another reformatory school other than the church to accomplish what we want.  Every attempt which history has undertaken up until this time to actualize the rule of God or Christ in the world by obtaining recognition of divine Law or the Law of Christ [lex Christi] has ended up in tragedy for the church.
What do we do?  As Matt Harrison loves to say, “we confess our way through it”.