anglican crisis I spend a lot of time wondering about the church and the problems we face from government, the apathy of people, the inability to “revitalize” as some leaders claim must be done, the lack of theological grounding in the theology of the cross and a myriad of details that make us wonder about the Church, Quo Vadis”?  Like the hymn says there are “fightings and fears within without”.  We may not know what to do, but at least we are aware that there is a crisis.  How to define it may be the hard work.  To that end we may be better off than the “old days”.

Nearly a half century ago, Hendrik Kraemer mused, “Strictly speaking, one ought to say that the Church is always in a state of crisis and that its greatest shortcoming is that it is only occasionally aware of it.”Hendrik Kraemer, The Christian Message in a Non-Christian World, 1947, pp. 24