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Month: February 2014

Dominican Independence Day

I left the DR on their Independence Day. It was obvious a big celebration was planned. I left before the sun was up but it promised to be quite a part. They gave us these lollipops at the plane. Christopher Columbus reached the island of Hispañola on his first voyage, in December 1492. On Columbus’s second voyage in 1493 the island became a colony and what would become Santo Domingo became the new capital, and remains the oldest continuously inhabited European city in the Americas. Columbus lived in what would become the Dominican Republic and believed that he was a missionary. He stayed and was buried there and his son was the first governor. The DR claims that his body is in a burial site there although another country also claims that honor. His burial site in the DR is a light house that casts a light in the form of a cross into the sky. The path to independence from Haiti was long and bloody but people still speak of Columbus as a missionary that brought Christ. Share this on:...

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Do We Have The Conviction to Brave the Assaults if the Devil?

The words of the missionaries I met this week were adamant about the assaults of the devil and the darkness and messiness of the mission wherever it may be. Teaching the little ones becomes extremely important. Here is a preschool at Liessy. Missions and the theology of the cross – there are no marching bands playing when a missionary steps on shore wherever it may be but there is a lot of brokenness. As we traveled we were told again and a gain that mission work is messy. Work in the brokenness of the world is messy. We are surrounded by brokenness and yet the world says that it doesn’t need us and sometimes that what we say is evil and wrong. Yet the real world is full of brokenness and it is real death and real disease an we bring the Word that brings life. We will not find honor; we will not find praise, and we will not find friendship in this world. The devil will always ape Christ and build his chapel wherever we attempt to preach Christ crucified. Share this on:...

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