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Author: Rev. Bernie Seter

Having a Lord and Having Peace

  A friend gave us this handmade sign of the Hebrew word “shalom”. It means “peace” of course, but as with so many things there is so much more.  We have peace because we have a Lord. To have Jesus...

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The Meat Stare

  Historian Tom Holland claims that Martin Luther would have been great on social media.  Most of us that read Luther got that, but Holland writes that “Luther… displayed a breathtaking command of all the qualities required...

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The Pattern of Life

It’s a good thing to start out with a Psalm a day. Then it’s fun to go and read Luther’s comments on the Psalms.  You begin very quickly to sense a pattern. There is a rhythm to the songs.  There is a pattern...

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Revelations About Revelations

    A  Study of the book of Revelation will be taking place among us and our folks seem to be excited about it. I’m going back and looking over some commentaries  and found in Martin Franzmann’s...

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The Dreams We Have

  I had a dream the other night. I was a little boy and I was standing in the midst of the big green field in Balboa Park in San Diego California. Off in the distance there’s a big pavilion and I was watching people going...

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