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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Bread, Ubiquitous?

My mother-in- law died.  My initial memory of her was at dinner at her house in St. Cloud Minnesota.  I was invited to my future wife’s parents house for the weekend sometime in the Fall of 1971.  I know it was in the Fall...

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“Know Thyself” = Look for Mercy

In his Explanation of the Lord’s Prayer for Simple Laymen (1519), Luther described the Lord’s Prayer as “seven reminders of our wretchedness and poverty by means of which man, led to a knowledge of self, can see what a miserable...

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Is There Anesthesia for Asthenia

  I received a nice response to my “baler” blog. The responder said he remembered the bales could weigh up to 100lbs. That is possible because I was obviously much stronger then. I could unload two ton of coal with a coal...

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Timing is Off?

  If you’re an old timer you might remember the small bale hay balers. They made the 50 lb bales. Some of my fondest memories are getting together with my uncles and bailing and stacking hay. Some of my not so fond memories...

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The Problem With Michael

  If you wander around Europe you see the statue of Michael and the dragon in almost every major town square.  If not in the square, then displayed somewhere .  Ubiquitous is the word.  So seeing something that often is...

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Working for Joy

The apostles are not the lords over the faith of the congregation, rather they work for its joy (2Corinthians 1:24).  That rather stunning statement comes from Paul’s defense of his ministry against all  kinds of charges....

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What is Meroz?

I have been talking about the theological groundwork of the Revolutionary war and the sermon Content in the years leading up to it.  The amount of Biblical and philosophical knowledge is amazing and the density of the sermons...

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Who Said There is a Promised Land

Studying the revolutionary war from the perspective of chaplains who attached themselves to the militias and the continental army it became clear to me that the spiritual impetus to independence was a form of theological...

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Shades of Revolution

“We have thought God was for us, and had given many and signal instances of his power and mercy in our favor, and had greatly frowned upon and disappointed our enemies; and verily it has been so. But have we repented and...

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So I get a warm blanket and a snack, some “Ensure “ or a cup of coffee if I want. I’m in a comfy chair that also has a heater in it. I get an infusion and I usually fall asleep. The nurse asks some questions every time but twice...

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League Pledge

At the LWML Convention in Lexington KY the former President got on the big screen led everyone in the .League pledge. In fervent gratitude for the Savior’s dying love and His blood-bought gift of redemption we dedicate...

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