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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota



Even as a child I recognized the difference between a payment for work, a right, and an allowance.  An allowance seemed to me, even as a child who shoveled a block of side walk for a quarter, to be a condescending action that...

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In the Year 2525

I have a vivid memory of driving across the painted desert in Arizona. Dad was driving, mom was asleep in the back, and I don’t know what my brother was doing but he was along.  It would be the last of our families road trips...

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Prayer for Parents

Visit the homes in which your people dwell O Lord, and keep them from all harm and danger.  Grant that they may dwell together in peace under the protection of your Holy angels.  Bless them and protect them that they may share...

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Rev. Hebert Mueller R+I+P

Rev. Herbert C. Mueller, Jr., was born May 16, 1953, the son of Rev. Herbert C. Mueller, Sr., and Ruth (nee’ Polley) Mueller, in Grand Forks, ND, and reborn into the Kingdom of God by Holy Baptism at St. Andrew’s Lutheran...

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The Power of Prayer

  A wonderful resource in times of trial and murkiness for me at least has been, wait for it; the Large and Small Catechisms of Luther.  Luther understands that when threats are perceived and confronted the church often...

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Helpful and Powerful

Received this from Pastor Filipik who is the Mercy coordinator for the North Dakota District.  I was quite taken with it and offer it to you for consideration – Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who was, who...

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Faithfulness In Service

There is a wonderful prayer in the service of Compline. Eternal God, the hours both of day and night are yours, and to you the darkness is no threat. Be present we pray, with those who labor in these hours of night, especially...

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Nice Words from the Front

I get to hear from folks around the world and find out how they are doing.  There are newsletters and blogs although some of them are curtailed for security reasons that keep us informed.  I also have the privilege to hear from...

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365 Days of Admonition

Cool thing on Fox today as the Roman Catholic Cardinal from New York brought out the fact that the words, “don’t be afraid” are mentioned 365 times in the New Testament and that is one encouragement for each...

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There are shriveled souls out there that don’t like cats.  If you are one of the cold, wrinkled, closed in, cat hating crowd; if you are one of those people who, when someone loses their pet cat say’s,...

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Take a Breath

One of my Pastor friends sent this to me and I think it is worthy of being passed along.

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The Real March Madness

The Plague Doctor When the Covid-19 virus passes and things return to some kind of normalcy it will be extremely important to study what happened here. In a country where, on average, 200,000 people are hospitalized each year in...

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Pesky Germs and Faithful Trust

The March Madness from Covid 19 has spilled over into the preacher types. There has been an explosion of the old controversy about the Lord’s Supper, the common cup, individual cup, the prophylactic effects of a silver...

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