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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota


Luther on Giving to the Poor

  Martin Luther was very concerned for the care of the poor and needy. He helped to set up the common chests which was used to help poor people in congregations get by in times of need and difficulty. Most of his...

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In Defense of Prayer Chains

  Back in the day before smart phones and messaging we had a wonderful example of the mutual conversation and consolation of the saints.  It was called the prayer chain and the way it worked was simple.  Someone got sick or...

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Words of Wisdom from Chesterton

What you need to know about G.K. Chesterton is that he wrote a book called “The Everlasting Man”.  C.S. Lewis read it and became a Christian.  G.K. Chesterton wrote commentaries on all kinds of things back in the...

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Cursed is the Ground Because of You

Dangers in the Garden   I have always said that rather than making fun of the book of Genesis people should read it with a open mind and realize that so many of the intractable problems we face are explained there.  Sexual...

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Love You and Miss You.

I was looking at a bunch of epitaphs and blank funeral bulletins and then I saw a simple epitaph on face book – rest in peace, love you and miss you.  It was a simple response of a daughter to the death of her mom. It is...

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Luther: Comfort for Women

  I have been spending some time trying to look at Luther’s oft sighted vituperation and nastiness.  I’m trying to figure out what it meant and why it happened and then ask the question, have the heirs of the...

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God’s Math revisited.

I wrote this back in 2012.  Search for it if you want to.  It was entitled God’s math. The 10 Commandments are the moral Law and they get broken by thoughts desires, word and deeds. God seems to have put a lot of...

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All Saints

Luther was aware of the tenuous nature of life and also God’s control of all things.  He realized how quickly we could be translated into the Kingdom of Light.  As we remember our blessed dead we also remember...

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