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Northern Crossings

A Lutheran Mercy Blog from North Dakota and Northern Minnesota



  This blog started because North Dakota District LCMS and Minnesota North District partnered up to work with the Evangelical lutheran church in Kenya and the LCMS to build boarding schools for at risk children.  Then we...

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No Crime and No Sin

The idea that there is no sin is of course a wonderful demonic expression that the modern world has adopted with relish.  It is demonic because it has about it the hiss of the serpent in the garden and it is the cause of all the...

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Project 24 News

Beyond 24 Bible Camp  This last December our students who are entering secondary school in January joined our existing secondary students for a 2 day fun event at Project 24:  Lenkishon.  This annual event was a time for the...

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That Old Holiness Conundrum

It happens like clockwork that we have the Baptism of Jesus as a Sunday in Epiphany.  We get so used to it that we might miss some interesting and soul uplifting details. The reaction of human beings to the nearness of the...

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Earthquakes and Missions

I have been trying to lay out the issues that face Gospel proclamation and preaching in terms of politics.  There are grave and powerful  issues that face missionaries and mission that are political, and part of the roadblocks...

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  Days after the churches celebration of the Wise Men worshipping the new born King, the people who run the place they probably came from are trying to “do something” to retaliate, or set a new agenda, or create...

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A Paucity of Information

  There is nothing worse that sitting down to write a blog and having nothing to write about, at least in your own head.  Writers block has been talked about and analyzed but it usually has to do with a writer of fictional...

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Epiphany Starts – With Wise Guys

  Talking about the church calendar with some confirmation students was an interesting exercise in perspective.  I was trying to give them an understanding of the rhythm of confession and absolution that we live in within...

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United No More

We will soon be celebrating the coming of the Wise Men to the child Jesus and we enter the season of Epiphany which is a tremendous time to emphasis mission and mercy.  The Wise men went back home and we believe that they are...

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Mercy and Madness

Greatest line of the last year – It seems that we woke up one morning and discovered that somehow, to be psychotic and delusional became a right to be protected, rather than an illness to be cured. I don’t now who...

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