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Author: Rev. Bernie Seter

Virtue Signaling and Pentecost

Why anyone would call the Holy Spirit “her” is beyond me unless it is a virtue signal.  While bemoaning that as stupid I like the understanding the Spirit being a comforter, Advocate, guide into truth etc.  I like...

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Sucking Up Cares Like a Leech

Philip Melanchthon was a brilliant scholar (one of the greatest Greek interpreters of his day), an insightful theologian, and Martin Luther’s right-hand man.  He was also one of those easily depressed Danny Downers that you want...

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Where to Find the “No”?

The Law says: ‘You are a sinner.’ If I say, ‘Yes,’ I am lost; if I say, ‘No,’ I must have firm ground on which to stand, to refute the Law and uphold my ‘No.’ But how can I say it...

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The Product of Collective Sin

I was going to try and stay away from topics like this for a while at least but I just read where a grandmother in Finland, a member of Parliament, may go to jail for maintaining her belief on life issues.  She is member of our...

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Ways to Lose Your Grip

    Augustine of Hippo wrote a sermon and delivered it to a shell shocked congregation who learned that Rome had fallen, the barbarians had won, and the world had taken a strange turn.  He was also defending the church...

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