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Month: June 2014

Some People Can See Into the Future.

We have been in a battle for a while now about mission and mercy, welfare and faith, witness apart from Christ.  We had this argument with some years ago about not giving a Christian witness or offering a prayer when helping...

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Our Shield and Great Reward

There are in Genesis 15,  four statements that are made for the first time in the Bible that are of amazing import.  They are repeated many time afterwards but here in the story of Abraham they make their grand entrance. Abraham...

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Doing God a Favor?

Human beings, and even Christians sometimes get to a point in their thinking and faith that – “God is put in the position of a debtor and is in duty-bound to reward a good work with the gift of eternal life. This is...

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Big Week in North Dakota.

This was and is a big weekend in the North Dakota District.  I have written about this on June 21 and June 8.  One of the articles is my memories of Willow City and Willow Creek.  I wrote a songs about those memories.  The other...

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With God All Things Are Possible.

The wonderful story of God’s promise to Abraham that he would have a child in his old age gives us the marvelous image of Sarah  laughing when she hears the words. Behind the walls of the tent she thinks to herself,...

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