is anything too hard for God

The wonderful story of God’s promise to Abraham that he would have a child in his old age gives us the marvelous image of Sarah  laughing when she hears the words. Behind the walls of the tent she thinks to herself, “can I be sure that I will have a child in my old age?”  The comic image here quickly turns deadly serious. God asks “why did Sarah laugh and say can I actually be with child when I’m old?”  In the middle of this tragic and comic conversation one incredible question stands out – “is anything too hard for the Lord?”
I have an antique book I finally got around to reading.  It is called Abraham: or, The Obedience of Faith.. F.B Meyer Wrote it and this is his response to that question.

“Is anything too hard for the Lord”? That is one of Gods unanswered questions. It’s laying there for 3000 years, perused by myriads, answered by none; unless indeed the words of Jeremiah are the only answer which mortal man can give: “O Lord God behold You have made the heavens and earth by your great power and stretched out arm and there is nothing too hard for you.” It may seem too hard to the verge of impossibility, that ever God should keep his word, in the conversion of that friend for whom you have a warrant to pray, according to 1 John 5:16.  Hard to vindicate your character from the aspersions with which it has been befouled. Hard to keep your evil nature in the place of death; and to cast down your evil imaginings, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. Hard to make you sweet and gentle, forgiving and loving. Hard to produce from you the fruits of a lovely and holy nature. And maybe hard; but it is not too hard for the Lord. “With God all things are possible”.