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Month: September 2014

Dale Young RIP

  I wrote a song called “Soldiers  of the Cross” in Honor of Dale Young.  You can use the search option on this site to find that song. Reverend Dale G. Young was called home by his Lord and Savior on Friday,...

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Utopia anyone?

It is naively assumed that the life of love, the life of discipleship, is a simple human possibility, without the need  for justification by faith. The result is, as always, a utopia which enslaves and terrifies men by the very...

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The Hot House Plant

I like to think that smart people read my blog.  I like to think that smart people read.  I worry when everything has to be bored down to 125 characters or whatever constitutes a tweet.  In fact I worry about a society that even...

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Eschatology and Apocalypse and Mercy

As strange as things are in the world things are going to get stranger.  Prepare for an assault of books and movies about the end of the world and the terrible  things that will happen.  Eschatology is words about the end of the...

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To Be, Or Not To Be!

  “There is an actual sense in which every human use of the future tense of the verb “to be” is a negation, however limited, of mortality. Even as every use of  “if” in a sentence tells of a...

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