hot house plant

I like to think that smart people read my blog.  I like to think that smart people read.  I worry when everything has to be bored down to 125 characters or whatever constitutes a tweet.  In fact I worry about a society that even invented something like a tweet, but I digress.  Betty M read my blog about mercy, and eschatology and apocalyptic stuff and came up with a great picture of the hot house plant.  Thanks Betty,  Here is what she wrote.


Isn’t it ironic that the church grows ever stronger in the midst of persecutions etc. A Kind of lesson from nature as well. A hot house plant that has been nurtured and coddled all it’s life can do little when exposed to the winds and storms outside it’s place of relative safety but the tree that bears the brunt of storms is unmovable. The church down through the centuries has had it’s days of persecutions and trials but it has quietly prevailed not unlike it will in this time of terror at the hands of militants. Even So come Lord Jesus!

This was a very comforting post, Pastor thank you for it.